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Fr. Anthony Amato on the Crisis – Featured on ChurchMilitant!

September 11th, 2018, Promulgated by SamanthaGillenson

A recent homily from Fr. Anthony Amato of the Diocese of Rochester has certainly made the rounds, and it has now been reported on and featured on the news website!

We have obtained permission to link to the article from Fr. Amato, and you can find the article and his homily here:

Fr. Amato is grateful for all of our prayers and support.


9 Responses to “Fr. Anthony Amato on the Crisis – Featured on ChurchMilitant!”

  1. Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    “The Lord GOD is my help,
    therefore I am not disgraced;
    I have set my face like flint,
    knowing that I shall not be put to shame.”

    That’s confident determination.

    That’s the kind of determination reflected in Father Amato’s Homily which faced evil, named it and fights against it.

  2. Interstate Catholic says:

    It took a lot of courage, considering the administrator of the parish is currently on leave.

  3. christian says:

    On the Church Militant site (the posted link): It makes me feel ill when viewing at the photo of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in a swimsuit holding the waist of his young male victim in a swimsuit, on the beach.

  4. Ginger says:

    Those repeated depictions are not the sort we Catholics are familiar with. Recall how ISIS hung severed heads of Christians? Repeated pictures of Cardinal McCarrick are similar in nature. McCarrick has been removed from authority in the Church and that is enough. To continue ragging on someone that way is wrong and not authentically Catholic. While Church Militant may be serving a good purpose, he too stands needing correction. We all need each other for support in this way.

  5. Ginger says:

    furthermore, how many more times must the innocent young man in that picture be victimized?

  6. militia says:

    At first I thought: isn’t there a way we can get that picture blacked out? That is how uncomfortable it makes me feel. I don’t even look at McCarrick, but I think I’ll never forget that young man’s face. And it is a face we should never forget, that the Church should never forget and that the world should never forget. That, my friends, puts a face on a victim and it is too real, but everytime I see it or think of it, I am reminded to pray, for him, for all victims, for God’s Church. We needed to get that uncomfortable, just to remember forever.

  7. christian says:

    The young man in the photo posted on the Church Militant site gives his first name as James. He didn’t want to give his last name so as to protect his family.

    James states that ex-Cardinal McCarrick was a close friend of the family and James had been the first baby he baptized, so he considered him as “his kid.” So obviously the family had known McCarrick since he was a parish priest. (How perverted and disturbing, for a priest to think he had “dibs” on the first male baby he baptized for sexual gratification).

    James was taken along on trips with McCarrick as a young child due to the relationship he had with his family. James was taken along on vacations to a beach house as well as to different states for these ongoing trips. James stated his ongoing sexual abuse “started by at least age 11 and extended for about two decades into his 30s.” “He said the abuse included McCarrick exposing himself, forcing him to sleep in the same bed and touching him inappropriately.”

    You have to wonder what is wrong with families who will send their young son along with a priest on long trips or sleepovers at their rectory. I have read various accounts of both a mother and a father, or a single mother, sending their son to have alone time with the male Catholic priest who has become such good friends with their family, so that that priest, who they consider such a good male role model, can have a good influence on their son. Wake up and smell the coffee! I am certainly not saying all Catholic priests are sexual abusers, but what normally adjusted man would want to take a male child (or a female child) along with him on an extended trip/trips, especially when they were not directly related to the child or do not had guardianship?

    James struggled with alcoholism which broke up his marriage, and he attempted suicide multiple times. James recounted confronting McCarrick as an adult, telling him he was going to go public with his allegations.””You can’t do that,” James says McCarrick told him. “No one’s going to believe you. You’re a drunk. You’re an idiot. … Do you know how important I am?””

    There should be a dungeon/prison in the basement of the Vatican to house clerics such as Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

    Please pray for James and other victims of sexual abuse!

    Here is the article:

  8. raymondfrice says:

    “No one’s going to believe you.”

    This is the response that some say was Cardinal Spellman’s when confronted in his limo as he picked up his purported boyfriend who worked as a danser in a broadway musical. One of the most profound problems in this whole state of affairs is the presence of a cancer of clericalism.

  9. Hopefull says:

    “Clericalism is just a fancy word for bullying.”

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