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Feeling Reflective: Jeremiah 23: 1-6

July 22nd, 2018, Promulgated by Dominick Anthony Zarcone

Can one read and reflect upon Sunday’s First Reading from the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah without being considered overly judgmental?  Because honesty is still the best policy, let’s proceed without concern.

“Woe to the shepherds who mislead and scatter the flock of my pasture, says the LORD.  Therefore, thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, against the shepherds who shepherd my people:  You have scattered my sheep and driven them away.  You have not cared for them, but I will take care to punish your evil deeds. I myself will gather the remnant of my flock from all the lands to which I have driven them and bring them back to their meadow; there they shall increase and multiply.  I will appoint shepherds for them who will shepherd them so that they need no longer fear and tremble; and none shall be missing, says the LORD.”

This text was originally written with faithless kings in mind, faithless Kings of Israel who would one day be replaced by a righteous shoot to David called ‘The Lord Our Justice’.  Yet what about today’s shepherds who mislead and scatter God’s flock; shepherds who scatter the Lord’s sheep and drive them away and cause the Lord’s people to be missing?

While the perverted priests, bishops and cardinals in the news might come to mind, I’d rather focus on the shepherds who did not assiduously pastor, did not perseveringly oversee, did not convincingly lead the sheep to the Lord Christ.

Those clergy baptized, confirmed, and witnessed matrimony merely by job description. For goodness sake, however, we must ask, “where are the initiated, where are the married, what are the sacramentalized now doing if not actively participating in the public worship of the Church?”

Countless Catholics have gone missing, scattered and driven away. Perhaps Sunday mornings they are asleep, playing golf or watching TV soccer.  Perhaps.

I do know, however, hundreds of thousands have sought the Lord Jesus and the fellowship of his believers outside the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Years ago I did the same. But thanks be to God, the Good Shepherd, the righteous shoot to David, the Lord Our Justice, brought me home to Rome.  Indeed there are committed shepherds who know the Lord and His Church.  Yes, some of them helped me find the way.

As I reflect on all of the above my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude that Jesus and the Holy Spirit have given me authentic Catholic Faith which invites me to share with everyone God’s Good News of Salvation through the Father’s Crucified and Risen SON.

Moreover, I am grateful for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter and the Fellowship of St. Alban.  My Catholic Faith in Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ is being enriched as the Ordinariate and St. Alban’s genuinely contribute to the Holy Spirit’s Catholic and Ecumenical renewal in the Lord.

May the Lord’s ordained shepherds be docile to the Holy Spirit, obey the Lord Jesus and proclaim the Word of God in faithful adherence to the deposit of faith.


5 Responses to “Feeling Reflective: Jeremiah 23: 1-6”

  1. avatar raymondfrice says:

    Many people are drawn to the Church by the Holy Spirit. We must ask ourselves “what do they find when they enter a Catholic Church? Do they find salt that has lost its savor or are they touched by the presence of Jesus?

  2. avatar Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    A very good article worth a reading:

  3. avatar christian says:

    Your personal words and the article you posted, Dominick, are excellent! The laity need to speak up when a person in Church Authority has not demonstrated moral authority. Those bishops who settled lawsuits with Bishop McCarrick’s adult victims, who were probably aware of other victims, yet covered it up and allowed him to continue, and even advance in rank, should be held accountable.

    Any person of the Church of Christ, whether it be someone in church authority or a member of the laity, has the responsibility to call out a person in the Church for moral wrong-doing, whether it’s breaking their vows of celibacy, marriage infidelity, mishandling of funds, embezzlement, teaching/preaching a false doctrine, or the sexual predication of children or adults, and the sexual abuse of children and adults.

    There are a lot of clergy, especially priests appointed in Diocesan oversight of priest personnel, and bishops, who have covered up sexual abuse committed by clergy and just passed them on for reassignment. Those in church authority will be held more accountable for their actions or their lack of actions taken. With much authority comes great responsibility.

    I agree that the laity should speak out and vote with their purse strings when applicable, when confronted with church leadership which lacks moral authority.

  4. avatar Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    This article takes my breath away. Imagine the real diabolical evil described:

    Save us, O LORD, carry us back, rouse your power and come. Rescue your people, show us your face, bring us back!

  5. avatar christian says:

    The Active Homosexual/Homosexual Activists Bishops described in Fr. Edwin Palks’s bulletin article for the Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church, Tampa, Florida describe evil connivers and seducers who have exposure to intimidate, confidential information on the priests under their guidance, which they can use to lay a trap, rather than being the benevolent, chaste shepherds who work to increase the holiness of priests under the guidance.
    It is shocking and upsetting to know the means and ways, like blackmail, that this AH/HA Bishops will go to threaten and punish those priests who might expose them/

    Dear Lord help us!

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