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Similar failures? Irish Bishops and the USCCB?

June 16th, 2018, Promulgated by Diane Harris

The prelude needed to consider the title question is to seriously read the One Peter Five article “What do Irish Catholics do now?”   And then reread it with the USCCB in mind. You may have noted the prior Ticker (moving red letters on the Cleansing Fire masthead) which said:

“It is a stumbling block to conversion and to obedience when the hierarchy hijacks the prudential judgment rights of the laity. Examples: capital punishment, right of self-defense, immigration policy, border protection, environmental policy, alleged climate change.”

There is more to say, but the fundamental is reflected in the ticker quote and in the article about Irish Catholics and their voting to legalize abortion. So too, for every ounce of effort expended by the USCCB and its committees to criticize the President and programs and objectives for which well-meaning Catholics have voted and which they support, there are even more urgent spiritual matters and leadership being sorely neglected.   There is much to say on this issue, but just raising it first to determine Catholics’ interest in pursuing the subject.  What do you think?

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One Response to “Similar failures? Irish Bishops and the USCCB?”

  1. JoyoJones says:

    “Similar failures? Irish Bishops and the USCCB?” Yes — however it is much wider than that! Take, for example, the list of speakers and participants for the upcoming World Meeting of Families in Ireland in August 2018: Can we expect the catechesis to comply with solid, Universal and unchangeable Catholic Dogma and Doctrine? Of course not. The Vatican is putting on a world event open to everyone including people who are young, people who are impressionable… Speakers include some very liberal Cardinals promoted to the rank of Cardinal by Pope Francis. Included as well is Cardinal Maradiaga of Honduras whose reputation and judgment have recently been seriously challenged. What can and should each of us do to diminish the potential harm of souls at that planned event?

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