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Harvard’s Absurdity

May 27th, 2018, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Harvard forces historic men’s, women’s choirs to accept opposite sexes

Just when it seemed the social engineers had gone as far as absurdity can take them, into mandatory transgender bathrooms, into revising English language pronouns into new vocabulary, with legal enforcement, and into forbidding counseling assistance to those most tragically led astray, that bastion of absurdity, Harvard, comes up with yet another self-mutilation: men’s and women’s choirs forced to accept ‘opposite sexes.’  Can we wonder how they will even know who is an opposite sex and who isn’t, when the language has become so bastardized as to defy communication? When one can “change gender … day to day”, when up to 100 revised pronouns are floating on the flotsam and jetsam of confused and broken souls, with huge fines and even jail threatened against those who won’t mind-meld to the whim of the day?  There is no absurdity beyond their reach, only absurdities which have not yet been imagined and implemented.

And, for even more absurdity, apparently students, parents and trustees pay for this kind of nonsense to occur! Incoming classes still apply, to work for the honor of a “Harvard” on their degree. At least that should constitute a warning label for those seeking to hire people who know the difference between truth and myth, for those who still value some grounding in reality.  But for those who believe they create reality, we can note that the pictures and news from the prior women’s and men’s choirs seem to have  been scrubbed pretty clean, so that even the memory is wiped out. What is beautiful is often a target for destruction.

Radcliffe Choral Society
Founded in 1899, the Radcliffe Choral Society is Harvard’s oldest women’s organization and one of the country’s premier women’s choruses. RCS is dedicated to the celebration and performance of women’s choral music. The Choral Society sings a wide variety of repertoire including Medieval chant, Renaissance polyphony, Romantic masterworks, international folk songs, and contemporary women’s choral music. RCS tours annually in the U.S. and abroad.
Harvard Men’s Glee Club (from Breitbart: Joel Pollack)
“The Harvard Glee Club, the oldest choir in the nation, will open its membership to women, following new rules by the Harvard College administration that penalize students for joining same-sex organizations. The Glee Club has been all male since its founding in 1858. A companion all-female choir, the Radcliffe Choral Society, was established at neighboring Radcliffe College in 1899 and has continued to perform since Radcliffe was merged into Harvard.”
Why is this story a Catholic matter?
Well, it’s hard to say anything isn’t a Catholic matter, since virtually everything belongs to God’s ordering of the world, and we care about it and are charged with obedience. Gender identity began back in the Garden:
  • “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27
  • “Male and female He created them, and He blessed them and named them Man when they were created.” Genesis 5:2 [Note: ‘Adam’ is Hebrew for ‘Man.’]
What we seem to see today is a powerful and sustained effort to reverse even Creation; to trample God’s Word; to deny  the obvious, challenging Truth Himself. It is an intrinsic strategy to most “same-sex” efforts to reverse perception of the inherent differences in gender, even to the point of negatively impacting the modesty needed between genders for family stability and the good of souls. It drives the brainwashing of pre-schoolers so that they will never even imagine there is a reality beyond their own opinion which matters, and inflames  the confrontation by women-would-be priests against even Jesus Himself.
The point of resultant unfairness is ignored, as when a genetic male competes in women’s sporting events and has the unfair advantage of being faster, stronger, or  having greater stamina. It is apparently worth destroying the ability of women to compete physically in order to make a point (to which women seem strangely indifferent.)  How that will play out in the quality of musical performance remains to be seen, but quality doesn’t seem to be the issue. Access and control, labeling and bullying, are the goals. Such thinking will likely continue to permeate society until the subjects of such a wanton experiment begin to realize that the argument “we are all the same, regardless of body parts” contradicts the internal drive to be differentiated and individualized in their Facebook postings or in their latte orders, or maybe even in their relationship to God? Meanwhile, perhaps we can hope that Harvard will be challenged by a civil rights organization for its deliberate interference with an individual’s first Amendment right of assembly? On such basis, a lawsuit might seek to prevent any government funding to any part of Harvard, or service provided by it.

One Response to “Harvard’s Absurdity”

  1. christian says:

    I think the push to accept men in a women’s choral group, and to accept women in a men’s choral group, is not based on singing parts.

    True, there are some men who sing alto, and some boys who sing soprano in elementary school, but they are usually used in a mixed chorus and placed standing as such to blend in. They continue to retain their male identity and wear the required male attire for the performance.

    True, there are some women who sing tenor, but they are usually used in a mixed chorus and placed standing as such to blend in. They continue to retain their female identity and wear the required female attire for the performance.

    In a men’s chorus, there is usually a larger span of voice parts, adapting men who sing high to men who sing low.

    In a women’s chorus, there is usually a larger span of voice parts, adapting women who sing low to women who sing high.

    In the rare instance that a man/men sings with a women’s chorus, or a woman/women sings with a men’s chorus (normally by request), they retain their gender identity and dress accordingly to their gender’s required attire.

    I can’t help but think this new policy is based more on LBGT rights as it will allow those who are transgender, homosexual, and cross-dressers to join a group which has been previously denied to them because of their “assigned gender at birth.” That is the new catch phrase and questions on college and some medical applications -“What gender were you assigned at birth?” The LBGT Lobby seems to be getting in everywhere.

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