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Fantastic News for our Friends

March 22nd, 2017, Promulgated by Diane Harris

The article linked above provides a short but solid primer on the relationship of Catholic Diocesan structure to the just-as-Catholic (Anglican Tradition) worship in the prelature structure established by Pope Benedict XVI.  Pope Francis has just intervened to protect Our Lady of the Atonement parish in San Antonio, Texas, from decisions made by the San Antonio Diocese.  Our friends in the St. Joseph Foundation had taken the case to the Vatican for just such intervention.

The St. Joseph Foundation’s successes in many related situations show how important it is for Catholics to have the means to enforce their Canon Law rights; it does no good to have those rights in a book on the shelf if we are unable to bring suit to enforce those rights. The St. Joseph Foundation depends completely upon the goodwill contributions of those who share the view of SJF’s importance to protecting the rights of the Faithful.  The foundation relocated a few years ago from San Antonio to Ohio; contributions may be made to:

The Saint Joseph Foundation

85882 Waterworks Road

Hopedale, Ohio 43976

Their most recent newsletter, Christifidelis (not available on line yet), also describes the good news of the recent affiliation between the St. Joseph Foundation and CUF (Catholics United for the Faith.)   Website is 




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