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Bergoglian Persecution Begins?

January 22nd, 2017, Promulgated by Diane Harris

One of the links  we have carried on Cleansing Fire for quite some time is Rorate Caeli, and its top two stories tonight are shocking. Both reflect the great crisis and division in the Church today, worsening by the day.  For the sake of souls, may the Good Lord be swift in His Intervention, and give all of us the stamina to endure what Rorate Caeli dubs a “Bergoglian Persecution.”  And let us pray for any emerging martyrs in such a persecution, especially Father Luis of Colombia. Both stories are short. Please read.


Note: a comment has been deleted that made unsubstantiated allegations (without any references from respected sources) against prior popes who are in no position to defend themselves.

Below are further references on how the Malta situation is being “handled”:




6 Responses to “Bergoglian Persecution Begins?”

  1. avatar annonymouse says:

    This, and the Holy Father’s meddling in the Sovereign Order of Malta, summoning the Grand Master on Tuesday and demanding his resignation letter on the spot. Holy people do not operate in this fashion.

    The smoke of Satan is billowing.

  2. avatar militia says:

    I am truly amazed at what we are seeing, annonymouse. Also, 5 years ago I had far more faith and trust in the Pope than in the President of the US. If you had told me that 5 years later it would be just the opposite I would never have believed it possible. (I’m not trying to be political here, just to contrast how much things can change.)

  3. avatar Diane Harris says:

    And in a possible reversal to the Colombian link shown above:

    And, if not a reversal, nevertheless, Cardinal Mueller (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) who zigged dangerously last week, now seems to have zagged:

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