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OPINION: The Moral Obligation to Vote for Donald J. Trump

November 6th, 2016, Promulgated by benanderson

I finally got around to writing up my thoughts on the upcoming election… better late than never, I suppose. I decided to post them on a neutral site so that I could more freely share it rather than linking to this site. Here it is:
OPINION: The Moral Obligation to Vote for Donald J. Trump


11 Responses to “OPINION: The Moral Obligation to Vote for Donald J. Trump”

  1. avatar JLo says:

    Thank you, Ben. I heartily agree. Took me a long time to get here, but, I too, will vote for Mr. Trump, not the man, but the DIRECTION he proposes. This is not an election for a person, since there are no statesmen in sight (ANYWHERE in America these days), so we must vote for a platform, a direction.

    May God bless America with another chance to get ourselves righted, another chance to kill immorality, another chance to recognize that He is the giver of freedom and joy. +JMJ

  2. avatar raymondfrice says:

    Many pro-life people voted in the past for George W Bush because of his opposition to abortion. Once he got in office, he did little or nothing on this issue!! Beware of tinkling bells that gratify the ears!!

  3. avatar JLo says:

    That isn’t quite true, Mr. Rice. He did stop the acquisition of more cells for experimentation. But I’ve no interest in such a discussion here.

  4. avatar raymondfrice says:


    thanks for enlightening me!!

  5. avatar Diane Harris says:

    Just wanted to share: I was at the Carmel for Mass this morning, and the entrance hymn was “My Country, ’tis of thee ….

    A 4th stanza had been added that I never heard before:

    “Mary Immaculate, our country’s Patroness, Lady, we plead:
    Guide us, we humbly pray, along God’s holy way,
    Be with us night and day, to intercede.”

    Beautiful! I asked about it after Mass, and learned that the nuns had written it themselves. They are praying for us all in this time of trial.

  6. avatar annonymouse says:

    Trump is a deceiver. He is pro-life insofar as to claim to be pro-life is a republican prerequisite. His entire life as a liberal democrat, financially supporting liberal pro-abortion democrats, betrays the man beneath the newfound veneer. prolifers are so desperate that we will crawl into bed with anyone whispering the sweet nothings in our ears that we long to hear. I, for one, refuse to be deceived. The saddest thing is that Trump’s candidacy is setting back conservative principles, especially protection of the unborn, by decades if not permanently.

  7. avatar Jim says:

    Good well thought out essay, Ben. I wish more of our priests would enlighten the faithful in the pews on these issues.

  8. avatar militia says:

    Fortunately, God believes in conversion of heart, and so do I. Those who feel free to judge and condemn others, are on very shakey ground. The very condemnation is a denial of the ability of God to work in individual souls, and to convert them. Be very careful.

  9. avatar JLo says:

    Hope from a flawed individual in Trump? Yes. Flawed. But in comparison to the degenerate Clinton machine-of-no-shame, he is an altar boy. And let’s remember all the flawed people God has used for His purposes, in the Bible and out, and how they rose to the occasion and reformed themselves and their world of the time. Choosing her is choosing evil, absolute and demonstrated and more promised evil; choosing him is expressing hope in reform; going third-party is a waste (and potentially a sin of pride, thinking one’s self more righteous than those who chose a DIRECTION proposed by a flawed individual who has a chance of succeeding).

  10. avatar Scott W. says:

    At least we get a four-year break from vote-for-my-consequenstialist-or-you-are-sinning rhetoric.

  11. avatar militia says:

    Trump needs a theme song (besides Hail to the Chief.)
    How about

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