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Answer is in the Platforms

November 2nd, 2016, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Making decisions on the upcoming election is not really as difficult as it seems.  The problem is that most people are listening to all the wrong things: a biased media, lies and more lies, emotional outbursts and gossip. The answer has been available for months, just compare the platforms and we are able to rise above the current innuendo, tirade or threat:

Republican National Platform: 2016

Democratic National Platform: 2016

For a quicker review, we might visit the words of Robert Knight, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times.

The 54-page Republican platform calls for greater personal responsibility; decentralizing power; a balanced-budget amendment; reducing the size and scope of government; parental rights; gun ownership and religious liberty; tax incentives for economic growth; reducing taxes across the board; a crackdown on the Internal Revenue Service; overturning the Supreme Court’s rulings on Obamacare, abortion and same-sex “marriage”; rejecting any treaties not vetted by the Senate; rescinding President Obama’s executive orders granting amnesty to illegal immigrants; withholding federal funds from “sanctuary cities”; building a wall on our southern border; rebuilding American military strength, and exerting international leadership against ISIS and other threats.

The 52-page Democratic Party platform promises a new War on Poverty and the Bernie Sanders-inspired Socialist War on the Rich [not their wording]; massive new public works projects; expanding federal programs at every level; more tax-subsidized abortions; cradle-to-grave health care; a “cradle-to- college pipeline”; free public college tuition for all; free childcare; mandatory national service; racial affirmative action; the LGBT political agenda; new regulatory mandates on businesses; a radical climate change agenda; leading “a broad coalition of allies and partners to destroy ISIS’ stronghold in Iraq and Syria,” and sky-is-the-limit confiscatory taxation, including a new levy on financial transactions, to pay for it all.


So–read both documents, discern, decide and vote.  It’s about duty.  It’s not as flashy as vituperative news stories, awkward political dinners with Cardinal Dolan, or plots and rumors, but it is as close to the facts as we can come. And we need to do it all with prayer, to enlighten discernment.

God bless America.


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