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Cardinal Sarah: “The Power of Silence”

October 7th, 2016, Promulgated by benanderson

Sandro Magister mentions Cardinal Sarah’s new book and includes an excerpt in this post (skip the juicy drama and scroll down to the title “The reform of the reform will happen, the future of the Church is at stake”).

Here are a few excerpts from that excerpt:

I refuse to waste time in opposing one liturgy to another, or the rite of Saint Pius V to that of Blessed Paul VI. What is needed is to enter into the great silence of the liturgy; one must allow oneself to be enriched by all the Latin or Eastern liturgical forms that favor silence. Without this contemplative silence, the liturgy will remain an occasion of hateful divisions and ideological confrontations instead of being the place of our unity and our communion in the Lord. It is high time to enter into this liturgical silence, facing the Lord, that the Council wanted to restore.

AMEN!!! If we are reduced to praying silently in our cars before or after Mass because our churches are too noisy, then something is seriously wrong.

And another:

In many western countries, we see the poor leaving the Catholic Church because it is under siege by ill-intentioned persons who style themselves intellectuals and despise the lowly and the poor. This is what the Holy Father must denounce loud and clear. Because a Church without the poor is no longer the Church, but a mere “club.” Today, in the West, how many temples are empty, closed, destroyed, or turned into profane structures in disdain of their sacredness and their original purpose. So I know how many priests and faithful there are who live their faith with extraordinary zeal and fight every day to preserve and enrich the dwellings of God.

What does this mean to you? To me it means we must do whatever it takes to keep the big, amazingly beautiful city Churches from being sold off.


5 Responses to “Cardinal Sarah: “The Power of Silence””

  1. avatar BigE says:

    Cardinal Sarah thinks only the poor are leaving in the Western Church? If he truly believes that – he is more out of touch than I thought. People are leaving the church across all socio-economic groups.

  2. avatar Scott W. says:

    Cardinal Sarah thinks only the poor are leaving in the Western Church?

    Really? This is a bad faith reading even for you.

  3. avatar BigE says:

    @Scott W.
    You may be right. I might’ve put intent where was none was intended.
    I guess I was confused about why he made this comment mentioning only the poor leaving the church – and who exactly are these intellectuals who supposedly despise the poor?

  4. avatar militia says:

    “Poor” seems to me to be pretty misused in the Church. There is almost an obsession on money and the virtual heresies of Liberation Theology and Marxism. I don’t see any miracles in the gospels in which Christ made anyone rich. The real “poor” are those who lack knowledge of Our Savior, including the uncatechized and undercatechized, but also the poor includes those poor in health, in friends, in education, and on and on. Yet charity gets readily mis-identified as a redistribution of wealth, selling short the practice of real charity.

    Here’s the riddle of the Magnificat: are those who are “mighty” about to be dispossessed of their “thrones” or are they the lowly already lifted up? Are the “starving” about to be filled with good things, or were they the previous starving who have now been fed?

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