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Divine Mercy Colors at the Carmel

May 10th, 2016, Promulgated by Diane Harris

There is a magnificent, large wooden crucifix hanging in the Sanctuary of the Carmelite Monastery in Pittsford, NY.  There has been something very special about that crucifix (not that every crucifix isn’t special in its own right.)  When the nuns had to move away, they were unable to take the crucifix with them.  When they miraculously returned to the Carmel (yes, miraculously!) they were able to recover not only the monastery, but also the crucifix. Father Joe Lanzalaco (who passed away last July, RIP) used to come back out to the Sanctuary after Mass and pray his thanksgiving before the crucifix, stretching up to touch the Holy Feet).

At a certain time of year (now, and maybe again in the fall?) there is an unusual phenomenon which I was able to see on Monday this week.  I send out what has come to be a weekly meditation of sorts, on all different subjects, and yesterday I sent pictures of that phenomenon at the Sanctuary Crucifix.  (If you want to be on the email list, just let me know.)

The Phenomenon

Archive 2nd Q 2016 017 cropOn a sunny day, light passes through a high stained glass window on the east side of the Sanctuary, falling on the Corpus on the Cross. When the sun is at just the proper elevation, the colors of the stained glass pass from the viewer’s left to right across the Crucifix. For just a very few minutes the red hue is at Christ’s right hand, and the white (a little bluish) falls to His left hand. (The viewer’s left and right, respectively.) The entire event takes place over just a few minutes, and it is beautiful, reminiscent of and consistent with the falling of rays in the Divine Mercy picture.   It is now occurring around 8:30 AM — soon after the 7:30 Mass is over.) One of the people to whom I sent this reflection last night was Bernie Dick, whom we all know does beautiful photographic work on the sacred architecture, construction, furnishings and artifacts. Bernie visited the monastery this morning and his work brings alive the movement of color. He also took pictures of the large Divine Mercy picture above the center aisle near the entrance.
Link to see more
Click here to see Bernie Dick’s documentation:
As you can see from the Bernie’s link, there is also (as the light through the stained glass plays on the wall from left to right) a disappearance of the blue and white colors on the left when the light reaches the Corpus.  I wondered how that happened and today I saw the reason.  As the sun moves from the eastern sky to the southeast, the structure of the monastery first ‘cuts off’ the left-most color, and eventually all is in the shadow of the building.  Mystery solved. But new ‘mysteries’ are happening every day!

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