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Catholic Courier 2016 Readership Survey – An Invitation from Bishop Salvatore R. Matano

May 2nd, 2016, Promulgated by benanderson

Courier to conduct readership survey By Annette Jiménez/Catholic Courier

The Catholic Courier is conducting a survey this month in an effort to better serve the needs of its readers. And in appreciation for their time, survey participants also will be offered an opportunity to enter a drawing for one of four iPad Mini tablets.

The survey is being mailed the first week of May to 5,000 subscriber households that were randomly selected to represent different age groups and geographic regions in the 12-county Diocese of Rochester.

the survey also is being made available online in an effort to more broadly gather perspectives on the Courier’s work. Anyone who wants to participate may complete the survey and enter the drawing at

Also, if you know any of these men be sure to thank these priests for their many years of service. But wait, there’s more!


8 Responses to “Catholic Courier 2016 Readership Survey – An Invitation from Bishop Salvatore R. Matano”

  1. avatar raymondfrice says:

    Don’t expect much of a response to the survey because a lot of people realize that the C C is censored and sanitized to the point that it says nothing. It truly represents the insipid, moneyed, and unauthentic American hierarchy.

  2. avatar Diane Harris says:

    I can’t decide if your comment is detraction or libel. Or a mix of both? Do you have a preference?

  3. avatar raymondfrice says:


    It is neither. It is caused by my memory which has stored what it has seen in the local and national church ; things that would cause a minor devil to blush.

    As an example: where were all the church furnishing disposed of after the Churches were sold. Many people were told by 1150 Buffalo Road that they could buy back items their families had donated to the Church. Where is all the “stuff”. Responsible stewardship on the diocese’s part?? My a— — !!!

  4. avatar Diane Harris says:

    Then don’t blame the “CC,” by which I assume you mean the Catholic Church, one holy, catholic and apostolic, i.e. the Body of Christ, with whom the Holy Spirit will be until the end of time. Blame the human perpetrators in their weakness and sinfulness, and hold them responsible. And I would agree there are many of them … including you and me. Yes, the Sacred Body has human warts. So blame the hw’s.

  5. avatar raymondfrice says:

    I meant C C to mean the Catholic Currier.

    PS: try to get a letter published in the CC that is justifiably critical of our diocese!

  6. avatar Diane Harris says:

    I am very glad to have you clarify. I don’t disagree with you re some issues with the Courier, or with transparency. I’ve had comments deleted too; so I don’t comment anymore. Your 4:19PM post does sound more like the church than the courier. Thanks for making clearer what you intended.

  7. avatar christian says:

    I had a bad experience many years ago with the Catholic Courier where first-conditions agreed upon were violated, and second -I was completely misquoted -the reporter putting her words as coming out of my mouth, instead of my own.

    The Catholic Courier was doing a story on a parishioner at our church who was being reunited with her brothers and sisters after they had all been separated since they were orphaned as young children. The religious sister on staff and I were trying to protect this somewhat older parishioner’s dignity as they were very poor, vulnerable, and child-like. Clothes had been bought for the special celebration at church and for the journey of meeting brothers and sisters out of state.

    The photographer and reporter, both very young, wanted to just show up to this parishioner’s home unannounced, to get a real feel for her situation and conduct a candid interview in her normal clothing and habitat.

    The religious sister and I requested that the photographer and reporter not come to this parishioner’s home to photograph and interview her, but come instead to photograph and interview this parishioner at our church celebration where she would be dressed in new clothes, her hair done, and would be enjoying her celebration with her fellow parishioners. We tried to convey that it was a violation of this woman’s privacy and dignity to show up to her home unannounced and interview her on the spot in her sparse conditions. We insisted that we wanted to be present when she was photographed and interviewed, and we insisted that this woman parishioner be photographed at her church celebration.
    They gave their word that they would not go to this woman’s house to interview her. They stated they would come to the church celebration to photograph and interview her.

    We found out that the young female reporter and young male photographer went ahead and showed up to this parishioner’s house unannounced and photographed her in her sparse setting and older cotton house dress and interviewed her on the spot. I had been asked to give a few comments ahead of time by this young woman reporter in person. In regard to this woman being reunited with her brothers and sisters after so many years, I said, “God is faithful.” That reporter kept asking me to repeat that statement a few more times, acting seemingly unsure of what I said.

    The reporter and photographer never showed up to this parishioner’s celebration at church, and we learned that they had showed up unannounced at this parishioner’s house to photograph and interview her instead, after giving their word that they would not do it.

    The religious sister on staff was very upset, as was I, that they had violated the conditions of our agreement after having given their word. I was further upset and angered when I saw other words quoted as having been stated by me during my interview. Instead of printing my quote, “God is faithful,” the reporter quoted me in her own words instead: “It sure restores your faith when you hear things like that.” I was angered and upset not only for being misquoted, but having been assigned words that had not only do not reflect the manner in which I speak, but did not convey the message I had stated.

  8. avatar christian says:

    Sorry – I was trying to adjust the words of the last line when it just went ahead and posted.

    CONTINUATION from above posting: I was angered and upset not only for being misquoted, but having been assigned words which did not reflect the manner in which I speak, and which also had not conveyed the message I had stated.

    (This incident was over 20 years ago). I called up to make a complaint at the Catholic Courier. I stated first the violation of the terms of agreement to when and where the interview this woman parishioner would take place. I stated how this reporter and photographer wanted to show up to this woman’s house unannounced and photograph and interview her in her normal habitat. We stated that they not show up to this woman’s house, and photograph and interview her at the church celebration in her honor. I stated after agreeing to these terms, they purposely went against the stated arrangement and showed up to this woman’s house unannounced to photograph her and interview her, instead of at the church where she would be dressed up and her hair fixed, and we would be present.

    I stated second how I was misquoted, and how words were actually quoted from me which I never said. I then specifically relayed how I had stated “God is faithful,” and the reporter asked me to repeat the statement a few times, and then she quoted me in the article as having said, “It sure restores your faith when you hear things like that.”

    The person receiving my complaint stated the reporter probably didn’t understand the statement or concept I was making, as currently the Catholic Courier were employing people from the secular world on their staff who may not have any Catholic background or any other religious background, to be able to understand what I said. *I stated that personnel writing for a Catholic newspaper should have a Catholic background. I also stated that coming from the secular world shouldn’t have impeded her from quoting me directly.

    Apparently, being from the secular world also was attributed to the lack of ethics, to why the reporter and photographer broke their word and went ahead to do what they wanted.

    The person at the Catholic Courier receiving the complaint went on to relay how they couldn’t guarantee or control outcome due to the secular personnel currently employed there.

    I was not satisfied with the reply to my complaint and vowed never again to be interviewed by a reporter from the Catholic Courier. It was obvious to me that there was lack of oversight and accountability at the Catholic Courier. I have currently participated in the online survey, but I am not counting on any drastic changes and wonder why they want input at this time.

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