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Eternal Rest Grant unto Mother Angelica, O Lord…

March 27th, 2016, Promulgated by Diane Harris


6 Responses to “Eternal Rest Grant unto Mother Angelica, O Lord…”

  1. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Fr Z posted this one:

    If you have a favorite video, please share it. I loved this woman. It’s amazing the influence for good that she had. It’s hard to comprehend what the state of the Church in America would be w/out her.

  2. avatar christian says:

    I like how Mother Angelica handled this prank caller.

  3. avatar Diane Harris says:

    Thanks for posting this Ben. I needed to be reminded again of the courage and stamina that God gave to this woman, to stand up for His Church. Even a blog such as Cleansing Fire, is a fruit of Mother Angelica’s life’s work. It is hard to remember how revolutionary her Denver speech was at the time it was given, which again shows how she paved the way.

    And I have no doubt that at the time she spoke out, somebody somewhere called it hate speech — yet we remember the persecution inflicted on Mother Angelica by a “Prince of the Church” — Cardinal Roger Mahony. But Mother was vindicated by the millions who loved and followed her and were strengthened in the faith, while her adversary, Cardinal Mahony, on the other hand (see his Wikipedia bio), was removed from all public and administrative duties in his retirement by Abp. Gomez, in shame and degradation re sexual abuse cover-ups.

    Mother was said to be alert and aware in these final years, though impaired in speech. I’m glad that she lived to see the Lord’s vindication of her faith and courage as the “wheels of justice grind exceedingly fine.”

  4. avatar militia says:

    I love Mother Angelica. May she be greatly rewarded for all she has done for God’s Church. Michael Voris says it well, especially about the role the laity has inherited from her:

  5. avatar snowshoes says:

    Thank you Dear Lord for Mother Angelica, for her courageous, loving acceptance of the office you gave her. May she rest in peace.

    Let us pray for the grace at the end of an office.

    Since Mother has so powerfully served, taught and led us all in the Church, our relationship with her has changed, not ended. But her earthly office as Abbess and Head of EWTN has ended.

    Our Lord gives great graces at such a time for all those who love the person who is leaving the office and, in this case, miss her presence and loving guidance. Pray for this powerful grace, pray for Mother’s intercession, even as we pray for her prompt entry into Heaven, if she isn’t there already! I’m expecting many miracles… Thank you Mother! Glory be to God. Happy Easter! He is Risen!!!

  6. avatar annonymouse says:

    The prelate who was most outspoken in his criticism of Mother M. Angelica after she denounced the blasphemous Denver WYD mimed passion was none other than Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland. If one can know about a person by his/her friends, one can also judge a person by the enemies one has made. Based on the true colors of Weakland, later revealed, Mother made enemies wisely.

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