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“She Who Knows the Way”

February 8th, 2016, Promulgated by Bernie

CF Hodegetria gold frame

Click on the painting for a larger, sharper view.

Most of you who know me personally probably know that I was trained at RIT as an artist: an illustrator. I never worked in the commercial field as I went into teaching. (I liked to eat.) I afflicted high school students for thirty-one years (design, drawing, painting, photography, art history) and then, retired.

During the early years of my career in teaching I painted when I had the energy but, later, drifted into photography, pulled there by teaching photography which was one of my assignments when I was hired. When I retired I joined the Knights of Columbus and began doing photography and graphic design for my local council: event posters, tickets, flyers, information handouts and those types of things.

Recently, I have returned to painting but now I create digital paintings in which I combine my digital photography with digital painting techniques. I am having a good deal of fun.

I’ve never done religious content paintings. What you see here in this post is my first attempt. It is based on about 6 photographs I took while in Burgundy, France this past fall.

I have included a couple of other recent paintings that are more typical of the subject matter I normally employ.

With a bit of anxiety I present to you Hodegetria (“She who knows the Way” or “She who shows the Way”).

Click on each of the pictures below for a view of the whole painting.

final Czech republic final

“Karlovy Vary”

web Threee Sisters

“Three Sisters”


2 Responses to ““She Who Knows the Way””

  1. Mary-Kathleen says:

    This “digital painting” is interesting. I like “Karlovy Vary” the best of the three paintings displayed. Who are the saints in “Hodegetria” aside from the Blessed Mother?

    (When I look at a photo I am inclined to judge it based upon how good a jigsaw puzzle I think it would make 🙂 )

  2. Bernie says:

    The saint images in the painting are generic representing those in the consecrated religious life and –the figure on the right– clergy. A crowd of the laity led by its bishop is shown next to the altar.

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