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Should we hold hands during the “Our Father”?

January 7th, 2016, Promulgated by Bernie

From the Aleteia website:

During the Mass, we have two important moments: the Consecration and Communion. There – during the Mass – is where we find our unity; that is where we join ourselves to Christ and in Christ, through the common priesthood of the faithful. Holding hands is…

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2 Responses to “Should we hold hands during the “Our Father”?”

  1. avatar JLo says:

    We see this in many churches (unfortunately); but in traveling, I just bumped into something completely new to me… people gesturing back to the priest (flinging their arms out toward him) when they say “And also with you.” And instead of a “decorous” nod to right and to left at the sign of peace, people are hugging and waving all around them, continuing even when when the “Lamb of God” has already begun!

    I do love the Novus Ordo where well and properly prayed, but oh for the days when all our churches did exactly the same Celebration of Holy Mass as in the rubrics. Surprise liturgies all over the place! Even standing, sitting and kneeling practices are different from place to place! Good thing God knows what’s in people’s hearts, but I do wish the clergy would instruct instead of ignore (or in worst cases… actually encourage) such antics. There used to be such peace in the unity of all Catholic Masses celebrated as written.

    Blessed day to all! +JMJ

  2. avatar Scott W. says:

    I worry less and less about this because I don’t see it as much anymore and it’s been years since someone has tried to grab my folded hands and force hand-holding during the Our Father.

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