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Exciting Developments at The Fellowship of St. Alban

December 14th, 2015, Promulgated by Ludwig

An old saying is that good things come in threes. The Fellowship of St. Alban, a member of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, has had a trinity of good news. As a reminder, the Ordinariate is comprised of groups of Catholics in full communion with Rome that are devoted to the liturgical practice of the Ordinariate’s use of the Roman Rite, the “Anglican Use”, worshiping in traditional English liturgical and musical expressions of the Catholic faith. It is essentially a non-territorial diocese created by Pope Benedict XVI, and further expanded in scope by Pope Francis.

In short order, they have had:
1) the announcement of a new bishop-to-be, Msgr. Steven Lopes, a Vatican official of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith closely associated with the development of the Ordinariate projects, who will be consecrated in February. Bishop-elect Lopes, at age 40, will be the youngest bishop in the United States.
2) The publication of a brand new missal that was introduced to Ordinariate parishes this Advent. This missal – promulgated with a preface by Cardinal Sarah of the Congregation of Divine Worship by the authority of Pope Francis – brings together many aspects of English Catholic Patrimony, and includes elements of pre-reformation Sarum, the Prayerbooks, and the Extraordinary Form in English to make this Use of the Roman Rite.
3) The announcement this past Sunday, from Fr. Jason Catania, that he will be their regular priest, starting in the new year. Fr. Catania has been visiting the St. Alban fellowship on a monthly basis this past year, and has also celebrated mass at St. Thomas the Apostle.

Fr. Catania’s announcement is given here

Rochester’s own Peter Jesserer Smith has written three extraordinary articles about these developments in the National Catholic Register.

Peter’s first article is about Bishop-elect Lopes selection by Pope Francis.

Peter’s second article is about the roll out of the new missal, and what makes it special – don’t miss it!

His third article is actually an interview with Bishop-elect Lopes:

These articles quote Rochester locals as well as Fr. Catania on the significance and meaning of these news items.

We will continue to give updates about the St. Alban fellowship as it continues to grow as a witness to authentic orthodox and faithful Catholicism in the best of the English spiritual tradition, right here in the Rochester area.

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  1. avatar order says:

    This is great news for Rochester as we continue our ‘recovery’.

    I just stumbled on this today…more modernism in the Philippines. The good news: his superiors put a stop to his ‘hovering’, or ‘horsing’ around. WATCH ==>

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