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Sweeping up after the Synod and the Pope’s US Visit

November 3rd, 2015, Promulgated by Diane Harris

LifeSiteNews continues to do an outstanding reporting job (Let’s think about sending them a contribution, please!):

While the last subject isn’t about the Synod per se, nevertheless it is handled (or manhandled as the case may be) by some of the same clergy responsible for architecting Synod news.  And the mechanism is especially transparent. There is a very — very — small circle around Pope Francis to translate and approve what the English versions say.  In some ways, he may even be like the alleged “Prisoner of the Vatican” (Pius IX), not with troops, but without language.  The inner circle can function more as a noose, make him look good or bad, wise or not, and filter the Synod news as well as travel news and even encyclicals.  It is a fair question to wonder who pulls the puppet strings, if there are any?  And how would we ever know?




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