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A few links

November 22nd, 2015, Promulgated by benanderson Atlanta Archbishop Promotes Pro-LGBT Retreat
Archbishop Gregory of Atlanta welcomes pro-gay-agenda organization Fortunate Families with open arms. This group is very clear in its opposition to Catholic doctrine and yet still receives support from local clergy. Revised Voting Guide Spurs Scrutiny, Debate at Bishops’ Meeting

Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego [a recent appointee by Pope Francis], saying that the committee did good work in its revisions but “that original mandate, in retrospect, was a serious error” because it kept the original “structure” and “priorities” outlined in the original document.

“The problem is that we are not living in 2007,” he continued, claiming that “Pope Francis, in certain aspects of the social doctrine of the Church, radically transformed the prioritization of Catholic social teaching and its elements. Not the truth of them, not the substance of them, but the prioritization has radically transformed that in articulating the claims that fall upon the citizen as believer and disciple of Jesus Christ.”

“This document does not do that,” he said, calling it “gravely hobbled.”

Cardinal Donald Wuerl … said … “I think we have a good working document.”

So the new guys are even more progressive than Cardinal Wuerl (who openly defied Cardinal Ratzinger). Looks like more dioceses can look forward to what Rochester has experienced the last few decades. Sandro Magister expounds upon this here: The Real Francis Revolution Marches to the Beat of Appointments

Ed Feser on Papal fallibility

Catholic doctrine on the teaching authority of the pope is pretty clear, but lots of people badly misunderstand it.

It’s long, but well worth Catholics to read and understand.

And a Johnny Cash link just because.


2 Responses to “A few links”

  1. This is for you, Ben:

    The Ring of Fire. New theme song.

  2. avatar annonymouse says:

    Praise God that Pope Francis sent us Bishop Matano when he did. Of late, his appointments are leaning hard left.

    To Bishop McElroy – did you miss the Holy Father just last week saying that the right to life is the foundation right, it comes before all others? Does that sound like a radical re-prioritization to you? Or did we simply miss our finally successfully restoring protection of unborn children so that we can de-prioritize abortion in our national and state politics and move on to more urgent matters?

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