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Synod: First Reports from 4 English Circles

October 9th, 2015, Promulgated by Diane Harris has just published highlights of each of the 4 English Circles of discussion, as well as an intervention from Abp. Kurtz (head of the USCCB).  All these news items can be found at Zenit.

Here are the individual links:

[ZE151009] The world seen from Rome:

  • Archbishop Kurtz’s Intervention at Family Synod
    “Just as the local church invests years of effort into future priests’ education and preparation for ministry, so, too, must we offer intentional and ongoing formation so that the family can truly live its missionary identity”
  • Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘D’
    “Most of our group felt the Instrumentum Laboris should begin with hope rather than failures because a great many people already do successfully live the Gospel’s good news about marriage”
  • Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘C’
    “Part of the newness, we felt, needs to be a less negative reading of history, culture and the situation of the family at this time. True, there are negative forces at work at this time in history and in the various cultures of the world; but that is far from the full story”
  • Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘B’
    “Despite the challenges that the family faces in every culture, families with the assistance of divine grace do find within them the strength to carry out their vocation to love”
  • Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘A’
    “A great concern relates to the overly bleak description of the contemporary scene. More attention needs to be given to theological reflection on the faithful, loving married couple and family, who, so often heroically, live an authentic witness to the grace of the family”

Archbishop Chaput cautions the Synod on disunity:


5 Responses to “Synod: First Reports from 4 English Circles”

  1. avatar Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    I have read some reporting on Synod procedures which make me uneasy about the process. I have read some reporting about reporting and access given to some reporters and not to others that make me very uneasy about possible manipulation to push forward certain agendas.

    For example see:

    Perhaps it would help to quell my uneasiness by sticking to prayer and by ignoring the Synod news.

    Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

  2. avatar JLo says:

    From all accounts coming out at this point from sources considered reliable, it appears this isn’t even a synod (no voting allowed on individual documents; only a single end report up-or-down vote), and the English-speaking world is being led WAY wrong by the Vatican-appointed priest (Fr. Thomas Rosica) reporting to that media each day.

    I, too, am “uneasy”, to say the least. Fr. Rosica must be replaced and Pope Frances needs to cut off the muzzle he affixed which changed the rules of a proper synod. As for we in the pews, all we can do is pray, and that is more powerful than the shameful antics of those trying to change Christ’s Church into a thing of their own paltry human design. Their “Catholicism” is on parade for all of us to see, and it isn’t a pretty picture.

    May the Holy Spirit bless with righteous power those faithful leaders attending that “synod”. +JMJ

  3. avatar JLo says:

    This is one of the reports going out to the world about the “synod”:

    This is what is important to the non-Catholic world about this meeting, which of course relishes the seeming “change” from magisterium teaching under Pope Benedict XVI.

    With what’s being put out there after only one week, even the up-or-down vote won’t be needed… conclusions about teaching changes are out there already, thanks in large part to Fr. Rosica.

    Come, Holy Spirit!

  4. avatar annonymouse says:

    All the talk of “mercy” is empty unless one also speaks of “sin.” For without recognizing sin, there is no need of mercy! No need of redemption! No need of Jesus!

    Our proposed watered-down Church, speaking of mercy without speaking of sin, will have even less appeal to the world. See the trajectory of the Anglican Communion, in whose path many “Catholics” (including bishops and cardinals) would like us to follow.

    I fear we have a pastel pope in a world desperately in need of being taught vivid colors.

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