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Roman Catholic, Anglican Use

September 23rd, 2015, Promulgated by Diane Harris




Father Catania had created a beautiful bulletin for this weekend’s Mass at Good Shepherd Church.

See full bulletin and order of serviceĀ 



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  1. christian says:

    Thanks for posting this Diane! It is very gracious of Fr. Catania to travel from Kitchener, Canada to say Mass for us, and more so, to put a bulletin/program of the Divine Worship together for us. I know that he is very eager and extremely happy to be able to share the Ordinate/Anglican use liturgy with those outside of the Fellowship of St. Alban as well as those who are a part of that Fellowship, who are a faithful, devout inspiration.

    Aaron, the organist and choir director, and the choir, always puts on an excellent program of music for every Mass and Special Liturgy.

    It would be nice to have really good turn out from Catholics in the Diocese of Rochester for this 5 P.M. Mass, this Saturday (tomorrow, Sept. 26th, 2015) at Good Shepherd Church (church building out in front) on East Henrietta Road, just past the insertion of Lehigh Station Road (if you are traveling South down E. Henrietta Rd. – from the Rochester area to Henrietta).

  2. christian says:

    Here’s an interesting story on Fr. Jason Catania on how he serves the Ordinate and the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada:

  3. Diane Harris says:

    Interesting article on Fr. Catania. I’m going to try to come after the Chesterton Conference.

  4. Diane Harris says:

    So glad I came! It was a beautiful liturgy. After Mass Father Catania said he would be celebrating the 9AM Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle tomorrow morning. It’s a small world!

  5. christian says:

    Fr. Jason Catania is traveling again from Kitchener, Ontario Canada to celebrate Mass for the Fellowship of St. Alban at Church of the Good Shepherd on Saturday, October 10th, 2015 at 5 P.M. Coffee Hour/Fellowship follows the Mass.

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