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Is there an ethical issue re: COST?

September 2nd, 2015, Promulgated by Diane Harris

ScreenShot054Today I received this e-mailing from my alma mater, The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.  It is of course a stop on Pope Francis’s tour in the U.S., and rightfully so, given that he will be in Washington.  But there is a great financial burden imposed on many ‘hosts’ as well as on the taxpayers when such an enormous undertaking is planned in three cities.

CUA reached out today in pursuit of alumni donations, with this message, which gives some idea of the costs.

A friend who lives in Philadelphia has told me (although I haven’t been able to check it out myself) that women in her neighborhood who are pregnant and due during the time of Pope Francis’s visit have received notices that they will not be able to be transported to the hospital if they go into labor.  Other people are leaving their own area of the city, and trying to rent their apartments.

The complication in NYC is the Opening of the U. N. General Assembly and the draw on police services to protect a number of heads of state, although a large share of the coverage is said to be planned for Pope Francis.

My confusion is why Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict both made visits which did not seem to have used so much resource, and I wonder why?

The simplicity of the early days of this papacy seems like a distant memory, when Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio personally paid the hotel bill, moved into the Santa Marta, forsook the more private and luxurious papal apartments, and chose plain brown shoes.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with what is happening, because I don’t know.  But it seems more like a rock star tour than a holy event.  IMO.

Before someone raises the question of Mary of Bethany anointing Christ’s Sacred Head before His Crucifixion, let us remember it was a personal gift.  And we can always give God whatever we choose, whenever we choose, in our own free will, because it all comes from Him.



17 Responses to “Is there an ethical issue re: COST?”

  1. avatar militia says:

    Surveillance kits? What are surveillance kits? I am feeling “creeped out.”

  2. avatar girl123 says:

    I understand its a waste of resources but theres really no way around it. I dont think SJP2 or PB16 ever spoke to our government leaders… What PF is doing is a first. hopefully what he will accomplish will be worth the money and trouble. If he was worried about disrupting lives everytime he visited a country then he would never leave Rome. Just pray nothing bad happens, and that our country’s leaders listen to the Vicar of Christ. Maybe Nancy Pelosi will thank PF for the regifted Rosary she got from Pres Obama. Ugh.

  3. avatar christian says:

    I agree that it is a lot of money to host the Pope. I think there could be some cutting down with expenditures if those involved put their mind to it. How much of the excessive costs are really necessary?

    What concerns me is that pregnant women are being told they will not be able to be transported to the hospital if they go into labor. Where are they supposed to go? That the health and welfare of women and their babies are being jeopardized due to a Pope’s visit seems to be counterproductive.

    What about people who experience a medical or surgical emergency? Are they also not allowed to be transported to a hospital during the Pope’s visit?

    It is making me wonder if all emergency services and routes will be compromised during the Pope’s visit.

  4. avatar II Cor 2.11 says:

    I wonder what the response would be among the clergy and lay faithful if Pope Francis had refused to come to America citing cost and expense and dislocation and major inconvenience to all those involved. What would the clergy and lay faithful have thought about a refusal to come here? A long term secular friend of mine who never darkens a church door told me that she likes Pope Francis. And why? “Because he stands for openness and change where his predecessor stood for bigotry and dogmatism.” I tried to talk about PB’s achievements but the discussion was ended. So yes, our current Holy Father is a media star now instead of an obscure prelate from South America. Girl 123 is absolutely right- we need to pray for his safety while he is here. It is our duty and sacred obligation to ask God to protect him from a deranged individual (or individuals) who identify him as evil and desire his termination.

  5. avatar Diane Harris says:

    I’ve been trying to get a copy of the ‘warning’ that some prospective mothers are said to have received, but — meanwhile — there are plenty of articles which come up when the subject is googled. E.g.:

  6. avatar Scott W. says:

    The visit will cause difficulties and expense but, as girl123 says, we can’t expect the Holy Father to hole up at St. Peters. As the Catechism puts it, Christians “reside in their own nations, but as resident aliens. They participate in all things as citizens and endure all things as foreigners.” So it is entirely appropriate that the citizens of the Church so to speak receive a diplomatic visit from the prime minister (also so to speak). As far as hypothetical difficulties on infrastructure, we should just have a little faith in the resourcefulness of everyone involved.

    The real cause for concern is the rock-star status of the HF as someone mentioned. I won’t get into who is responsible for the celebrity, but it is a real thing threatening to make the whole a faith-destroying circus. I do, and continue to give the HF the benefit of the doubt and that any confusion is from third-hand reporting through several language barriers. The concern is that with a more direct visit is that we will get a vague message as saccharine as a typical AmChurch homily that would be equally at home in a Unitarian church.

  7. avatar Ron says:

    Not sure where this belongs but did you catch this about Nazareth College?

    Shannon Lecture: John Dear

    September 10, 2015
    7 – 8:30 p.m.

    John Dear, an internationally recognized voice for peace and nonviolence, will be speaking on “Disarming the Heart, Disarming the World: The Peacemaker’s Work Today.” Dear is a priest, pastor, retreat leader, and author.

    Please see the William H. Shannon Chair website for more on John Dear and the Shannon Lecture Series.

    Christine Bochen,, (585)389-2728

    Janice Bertoni,, (585)389-2765

    They fail to mention that Dear was dismissed from the Jesuits for being “obstinately disobedient to the lawful order of Superiors in a grave matter.” He has also spoken at the schismatic Spiritus Christi in the past.

  8. avatar annonymouse says:

    Regarding the “rock star” status – perhaps it’s just my impression, and I may be 180 degrees wrong, but I thought John Paul II endured the bright lights, Benedict seemed downright uncomfortable under the bright lights, but that Francis seems to like the attention – hence the impromptu news conferences and the cameras there to witness and record every act of humility.

  9. avatar christian says:

    No doubt all the expenses regarding publicity, media outlets, etc. is intended to reach as many people as possible regarding the message of his new encyclical “Laudato Si.”

  10. avatar christian says:

    Apparently, there have been some problems encountered by businesses, especially hotels, in Philadelphia, due to the new updates on security measures for when the Pope is visiting. Business owners think the newer updates on security are scaring people away. There is an issue with using personal cars for transportation and parking in hotel garages.

    People have to get tickets for an event ahead of time, and there is a limit on the amount of tickets available. There various zone areas that are color-coded and to depict where there is access to only ticket-holders, and where there is access to the general public, and apparently where there is no access.

    There also will be large stretches of highways into Philadelphia closed as well as roads inside Philadelphia. People are being encouraged to take public transportation. (I guess Pope Francis is getting one of his wishes realized in Laudato Si, at least for his visit to Philadelphia).

  11. avatar II Cor 2.11 says:

    Diane – Reading Psalm 148 in LOTH this morning and I was minded to THANK YOU you for all the heavy lifting you have done in terms of processing the LS encyclical for us with its multitudinous contents and many perplexing issues. Not sure if this is the right place to thank you, but also I thank you for reminders of the visit of the HF here in the States this month and the many MANY concerns surrounding that.

  12. avatar raymondfrice says:

    Regarding costs of papal trips, St Pope John Paul II traveled by airline more than 725 thousand miles and visited 129 countries. His air travel was almost the equivalent to 1 1/2 round trips to the moon. I think he may have surpassed Francis so far. I leave it to others to calculate the possible costs to the universal Church, including security costs, lodging, gifts etc.

    This amount and issue is of course irrelevant when one considers the one billion dollars paid out so far and still going on to clerical sexual abuse victims. Maybe Francis’s trip will take people’s minds off of this terrible blot on the reputation of the Church.

  13. avatar JLo says:

    Minds will keep remembering as long as some people keep talking about it, rather than about all ONLY the Church has done ever since to protect the innocent.

    About Pope Francis… IMO the costs associated with his visit are of smaller concern than the things he will say. PF likes the cameras and microphones and is never without words on every conceivable subject. My prayer is that this time there is discretion in all he says everywhere.

    About people of no faith liking him and brooking no discussion beyond that… well that’s a big problem of the day, people unwilling to dig for truth and wanting only to run with the fan clubs. Shallow wins every time these days as people don’t even read anymore… everything they “know” must come at them via audio and video. It’s the reason, isn’t it, for light weights in all realms winning attention? Thinking that it’s wonderful that people who never paid attention to Faith actually like him is not an argument I accept, because good enough has just never been good enough for me, and lord knows I want truth and wisdom from my pope, not popularity.

    God bless everyone involved in this visit, especially a Pope Francis.

  14. avatar ROBERT says:

    How does this post turn from its’ original post concerning dollars to the moto proprio? Why can’t we keep on the “track” of it’s original intention.
    Raymond Rice did sum it all!

  15. avatar christian says:

    Duplicate post removed by CF Administration.

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