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Bishop Matano Hopes Pope’s Visit Will Help Country Become Unified Society

September 13th, 2015, Promulgated by benanderson

From Time Warner Cable News: Bishop Matano Hopes Pope’s Visit Will Help Country Become Unified Society


2 Responses to “Bishop Matano Hopes Pope’s Visit Will Help Country Become Unified Society”

  1. christian says:

    The Pope has announced that he will let all priests forgive (give absolution for repentance) women who have had an abortion. I hope that will extend to men who have had their part by pressuring their girlfriend, wife, or sexual partner into having an abortion.

    There have also been parents who have pressured their pregnant daughter (or their son’s pregnant girlfriend or wife) into having an abortion. Usually it is out of embarrassment when it is out of wedlock, because they don’t want their relatives and friends finding out.

    Many years ago, a friend, working in a different section of my workplace, relayed how disturbed they were in finding out that a young woman co-worker was forced to have an abortion just before her wedding by her parents. The bride and her parents were Roman Catholic. I think the groom and his parents were Roman Catholic also. The groom had no issues with the pregnancy.

    But the bride’s parents, considering themselves to be strict Roman Catholics, were upset at her pregnancy, because they did not want to be embarrassed and disgraced in front of all their relatives and friends at her wedding. They also thought others would put two and two together and find out their daughter’s child was conceived out of wedlock.

    What was supposed to be a happy occasion, was bittersweet at best, because the bride had to kill her and her husband’s child to satisfy her parents’ need to have everything look alright.

    My friend couldn’t comprehend what type of parents have their grandchild killed.

  2. christian says:

    Regarding Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, I am concerned to why and what message he is planning to deliver to the United Nations. I know I am not alone in my concern.

    We also have to pray for our Pope because President Obama has purposely invited people who are against the Catholic Church’s teachings to greet and speak with Pope Francis at the White House. You should see the guest list – it’s listed in the article below.

    There is going to be good representation for the LBGT Movement. There is also going to be good Pro-Abortion representation. It’ sounds like he is stepping into “a booby trap.”

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