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Visit A Beautiful Church during Greekfest

August 29th, 2015, Promulgated by Bernie

The Highland Greekfest (Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit) 835 South Avenue, Rochester is this weekend. This is a terrific festival of Greek culture every year and this year is no different. Pat and I were there last night (Friday) for dinner and listening to Greek popular music and watching the parish youth groups perform traditional (as well as modern) Greek dances. Tours of the church take place regularly each day. Here is a link to the festival information page 2015 Greekfest. On that website you can click on a link to the festival program guide.

Parking is free during the festival next door, in the parking ramp just south of –and adjacent to– the church grounds. Wonderful food.

Here are some pictures of the interior of the stunningly beautiful interior of the church.

(Click on pictures to see larger and sharper images.)

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As this building housed a former Baptist congregation the architecture is not typically Orthodox –no central. The iconography therefore had to be adapted and so we see Christ Pantokator not over us at the apex of the dome but, rather, straight before us over the arch.

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The icon of Christ Pantocrator or Divine Judge, holding the Book of Life, is always displayed just to the right of the central Royal Doors. To His left is almost always depicted the icon of Saint John the Baptist. A version of the “Virgin of the Sign” dominates the back wall.


The Holy Virgin Mary is always depicted in the space to the left of the doors. Immediately above the doors is normally depicted the icon of the Mystical Communion or Last Supper. A Desis (Christ conversing with His mother Mary and with Saint John the Baptist) usually appears above the center of the entire iconostasis screen.

A very large crucifixion icon is to the left of the iconstasis screen.

A very large crucifixion icon is to the left of the iconostasis screen.

Many saints line the walls of the nave.

Many saints line the walls of the nave.

Move saints in the nave.

Move saints in the nave.

From Holy Spirit website

From Holy Spirit website

“The Holy Spirit parish was established in 1995, when approximately 50 families desiring to foster pastoral care and an intimate spiritual experience were granted permission to operate as a mission and subsequently as an official parish of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Metropolis of Detroit.

“In 1998, they entered their present location, the former South Avenue Baptist Church. Construction of an iconostasis screen and the placement of icons in the altar area have transformed this sanctuary into a local home of Orthodox prayer and worship.” –from the parish website

Holy Spirit Greek Orthodox Church Rochester website. After you click on a Menu selection, scroll down to see your selection.



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  1. christian says:

    I had a tour a couple of years ago when the Greek Festival was held there, and you are right, it is an extraordinarily beautiful church.

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