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A Short Guide to Praying as a Family

June 17th, 2015, Promulgated by benanderson

I came across this post a little while back at

[Book] Review: A Short Guide to Praying as a Family

It convinced me to purchase the book which is authored by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia in Nashville. I must say it was definitely worth the money. It’s a beautiful book and has plenty of good information in it. Not too long ago there was a Catholic Men’s Conference whose purpose was to fire up men for their Catholic faith. For those of us who are fathers the best thing we can do to show our love for God is to do our duty as fathers by being good, Catholic role models for our families and also by instructing them in the faith. Near the end of the review there is a link to order the book.  I highly recommend it.


2 Responses to “A Short Guide to Praying as a Family”

  1. avatar christian says:

    Thanks for sharing this Ben! Prayer is a key component to lifelong Faith in a Christian household. It all starts in the Family.

    We prayed as a family before meals as I was growing up, and we prayed as a family in time of national crisis or personal/family crisis. We prayed for victims of tragedy and for the mercy of God on those souls of those who died.

    We learned Bible stories, scripture, and prayers at home. We learned kindness and compassion toward others at home. We learned to share at home. We learned respect and reverence for God and His House at home.

    Your topic and post is very appropriate for Father’s Day! I hope readers will look into that book for Family Prayer by the Dominican Sisters.

  2. avatar christian says:

    What I failed to mention is, when I got married and had my own children, I continued the practice of prayer with my family and the Christian education that comes from home.

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