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When Bad News Might be “Good News”

May 16th, 2015, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Good is never bad.  Bad is never good.  That is true even in this deformed world in which some people do call good “bad” and bad “good,” as Isaiah prophesied.  But this particular post “When Bad NEWS Might be Good NEWS”  is not a matter of something bad being brought to a good result, when and if God chooses to do so; aka “He can write straight with crooked lines.”  Rather, the following is about how evil when unleashed (by fiat or by neglect) implodes on itself.  It unmasks itself.

The rapid acceleration of evil in many forms has within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

Those who demand a license to pursue evil may, by its excessive manifestation, eventually lead others to sense the horror of what is unfolding.  For example, it has taken the gruesome-ness of dismemberment during abortion to lead some people to say “enough!”  and maybe, too, for Congress to finally pass its recent legislation, grossly imperfect as it is.  It is a start.  Another example is how some who misunderstood “same-sex unions” to be civil rights issues now can see (especially in Canada) the mind-control policies being foisted on kindergartners to shape sexual immorality.  Again, it shows how dangerous it is to give evil any quarter, any compromise.  Evil is never satisfied with its gain; it always wants more, like any addict.  Gluttony, greed, avarice, drugs, porn, power — drives itself forward to want more, and more.  Hell knows no such thing as satisfaction; thus it is “hell,” the ultimate, unquenched hunger.

imagesThe instant case in point is a significant number of the German Bishops, and their recent pronouncement that they are going forward (not that they weren’t already floating trial balloons in an “exception” mindset) with giving Communion to the remarried divorced and to those in “same-sex unions” under the guise of labor law accommodation.  To any faithful Catholic, that is “bad news” because it puts even more souls at risk by institutionalizing disordered lifestyles.  But it is also an exhibition of how evil seeks to gain momentum.  The waffling in last year’s Synod, the isolation of and even retribution against champions of faithfulness,  the seeming reluctance to take matters off the table which ought never to have been on the table (to paraphrase the call of some important shepherds in the Church) has only encouraged evil itself to stretch further, to gain more ground, in bitter arrogance.

When those German bishops had given themselves over to their first bit of disobedience, it was almost inevitable that, without repentance. they would be led deeper into a sinful morass.

Whatever the mix is of the desire to be prime movers of heresy, or just jumping the gun to a position they believe the Church will eventually embrace, is an irrelevant quibble of motive.  At heart is evil’s relentless racing to gain ground, and its inevitable drama of writing its own prideful billboard of success against souls.  The faithful of Germany are in a quandary similar to those in Canada after Humanae Vitae was issued, when so many Canadian bishops attacked Pope Paul VI and his teaching against contraception.  (At another time, let’s explore how those Canadian bishops may also have laid the groundwork for the current destruction of faith and acceleration of evil in Canada, a prelude to the same modus operandi in the U.S.)

For now, we can question the real driver behind what the German bishops are doing: hijacking the purpose of the Synod and flaunting disrespect for their brother bishops around the world (“don’t bother to come to the Synod; we’ve already decided for you”).   So, evil pushes them further down the slippery slope, making retreat ever more difficult, and vision ever more fogged.  But, in those very actions, evil (not compassion or mercy) unmasks itself as the driver leading dissent from Church teaching.  These bishops have not even bothered to nail their theses to the Cathedral door as Martin Luther did nearby at Württemberg Cathedral nearly 500 years ago; just reissued a worn-out theory from an old (82) cardinal dancing with heresy (and hypocrisy, as if the financial impact were not an important part of their decision-making.)  It is easy to believe that many German bishops and Cardinals have already left the Church, but are trying to change what they’ve left behind.

Where is the “good news?”

The acceleration of disobedience to Church Teaching should prove to those genuinely trying to consider all viewpoints, to be merciful, to pray for guidance and insight that, indeed, they have received such insight from these actions of the German bishops, proof of the evil which seeks to destroy millennia of doctrine and to weaken the faith of good Catholics.  Such unilateral action, and such disrespect, is the hallmark of evil, not of good.  Of dissent, not of faithfulness.  Of indulgence, not of discipline.  The apparent “good news” is that these German bishops have revealed themselves and the evil with which they are aligned.  They have succumbed to the predictable and relentless drive of evil to reveal itself as perpetrator, to glorify its accomplishments. It is “good” to recognize the real enemy.  It is also “good” that the rest of the Church will be able to witness where the explosive changes being played with by some prelates will naturally lead, and hopefully avoid lighting the fuse.

Pope Benedict — Pray for us!


Ref:  LifeSiteNews May 6, 2015:  “Germany’s bishops vote to allow Church employees to publicly defy Catholic teaching.”  (While positioned as related to labor law, the matter is clearly a stealth attack on Catholic Doctrine.  And we should not forget that the German Labour Front was also key to the entrenchment of Nazism and to suppression of the Church in Hitler’s Germany.)

Read more from the noted and dependable Edward Pentin (who last fall blew open Cardinal Kasper’s disrespect for the African bishops):  “If the German Church goes ahead with its proposed adaptation to labor law, it will be just the latest in a series of efforts on the part of the German Church to accommodate the Church’s teaching to secularist trends. […] “They’re trying to change doctrine through these subtle means,” a source in the German Church said.  

More from Edward Pentin on lay / clerical divide in Germany


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  1. pebbles says:

    Thanks,Diane. You are one of the most articulate and best informed of Catholic writers.

  2. Diane Harris says:

    Thank you, Pebbles, for your kind and encouraging words. I am just grateful to have a place to post and to exchange thoughts. That’s one reason I hope to encourage more of those who follow CF to try their hand at a guest post. There is so much happening in the Church that begs to be communicated, and discussed. Come Holy Spirit!

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