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Defending Truth and Tradition in the Roman Catholic Church

The Valuable Service of the Cardinal Newman Society

February 13th, 2015, Promulgated by Hopefull

If we really want to know what is happening on Catholic Campuses — either in defense of the Faith or in its abuse — keep in touch with the Cardinal Newman Society’s reporting, and consider supporting their efforts.  The latest newsletter  carries the following key stories reported from the Catholic Education Daily AND many more!


Good News

Celebration Honoring CUA-Grad Archbishop Sheen to Draw Students Closer to the Saints

Oakland Bishop Issues Updated Contracts; Teachers Must Act in Accord with Catholic Teachings

Archbishop Cordileone a ‘True Shepherd of Catholic Schools’

Canadian Christian Law School Wins Crucial Religious Freedom Victory, But Opposition Remains

Christendom College Building ‘True Community’ with First Friday Adoration

CUA, Washington Archdiocese Join USCCB Urging Congress to Protect Religious Freedom


Bad News

Students Encouraged to Bring Same-Sex Dates to ‘Rainbow Prom’ at Santa Clara University

Hypnotism Poses Real Dangers, despite Popularity on College Campuses

Exemption from HHS Mandate Reversed for Christian College, Catholic Dioceses

Most Catholic Colleges Hosting ‘V-Monologues’ in 2015 are Jesuit Institutions


Good or Bad?  Depends on the Results

Catholic Colleges Must Motivate Alumni to Stand for Religious Freedom

Saint Louis University Dialogues with Students Opposed to Pro-Traditional Marriage Event




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  1. christian says:

    I applaud the introduction of teacher contracts in the Catholic School System in the cities mentioned, and I hope the concept of the teacher contract spreads to other cities across the United States, including the Diocese of Rochester. I think it is important that teachers live a life inside and outside of work which upholds Catholic moral teaching, and encompasses an attitude of Christian love and charity.I think somewhere in that contract should state a teacher be willing to pray in the course of a school day and attend any religious activities.

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