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Renovation of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Verona, NY

February 27th, 2015, Promulgated by benanderson

From the skt-lmc bulletin this past week:

FATHER EDMUND CASTRONOVO, priest of the Syracuse Diocese, is known and loved by many of us. He is the pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel, a small village church in Verona, NY. His parish has recently completed an elegant, traditional-styled re-decoration of the church’s sanctuary. Because, like us, Father uses both forms of the Roman Rite, the new altar arrangement is so planned as to facilitate the celebration of Holy Mass “facing East” and “facing the people”, and the tabernacle is enshrined in the center. Have a look at his website and see photos of the “renovation”. Congratulations to Father and the parish! Your project has truly been guided by Our Lady’s good counsel!

Here’s a direct link to the gallery.


2 Responses to “Renovation of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Verona, NY”

  1. avatar Bernie says:

    A beautiful, traditional renovation!

    Very few people ever complain about a renovation to a traditional style but renovate into a non-traditional “fad” style and you will hear all kinds a negative critiques!
    What does that tell us?

  2. avatar teaelvee says:

    My home parish! How awesome that Father C gets recognized outside of CNY.
    Posted by teaelvee

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