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Pope Francis firmly opposes homosexual “marriage”

February 25th, 2015, Promulgated by benanderson

Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of political science at Grove City College (my alma mater), wrote over at CrisisMagazine: Is the Left’s Honeymoon with Pope Francis Finally Over?

Okay, here we go. We finally have maybe the moment we’ve been waiting for. A major national case of gay marriage, specifically in the country of Slovakia, has prompted Pope Francis to come out firmly and actively against redefining traditional marriage as the Roman Catholic Church has long understood it. In so doing, progressives/liberals who were gung-ho for Francis as their first Gay Marriage Pope are feeling betrayed. They believe they’ve been lied to, or at least cruelly misled.

The whole thing is a good read for those progressives with big expectations regarding Pope Francis and the homosexual agenda as well as for those faithful Catholics bewildered at what has been going on in Rome.


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