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An Icon of the Coptic New Martyrs of Libya

February 28th, 2015, Promulgated by Bernie

From the New Liturgical Movement website


Coptic Martyrs“I am sure that all of our readers are aware of the recent massacre in Libya of a group of Egyptian Copts, who were killed for their faith by Islamic terrorists. The Patriarch of Alexandria, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, has officially recognized them as martyrs, and ordered that their commemoration be inserted into the Synaxarium; their feast will be… ”   (Read More Here)

Click on the image to see the entire icon. The writer of the icon is Tony Rezk.

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One Response to “An Icon of the Coptic New Martyrs of Libya”

  1. avatar christian says:

    I read that the one Martyr who was not a Coptic Christian (Matthew Ayariga, a native of the sub-Saharan nation of Ghana) was so taken with the others’ faith and Christian witness, he became a new convert to Christianity and died as a Christian with the rest of them. The account sounds very much like testimonies of Martyrs from the Early Ages of the Church.

    The whole world is acquainted with their Martyrdom for Jesus Christ. God Bless All Of Them And All Who Are Martyred in Syria And Elsewhere For Jesus Christ. May They All Help To Deepen Our Faith And Conviction. And May All Of Us Have The Grace And Courage To Be A Christian Witness And Choose Our Lord, Even If It Means Wet Martyrdom _Death.

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