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Update re Cleansing Fire

January 18th, 2015, Promulgated by Diane Harris

You may have noticed in your browser that there is a redirect from to a new URL,

This change reflects two things:

1. The Diocese of Rochester has benefited exceedingly from having Bishop Matano as our shepherd for this past year.  In celebrating the anniversary of his installation, the many changes he has implemented truly are reason for an “attitude of gratitude.”  As we reviewed the many prior issues about which Cleansing Fire participants had repeatedly complained, ranging from liturgical dancing, to lay preaching at Mass, to the closure of St. Thomas the Apostle Church and even sloppy Eucharistic practices, to just mention a few, it is incredible to experience not only the changes Bishop Matano has wrought, but the model of his obedience to the Church’s magisterial teaching, to the catechism, to Sacred Scripture and Canon Law.  We have also had a good taste of his vision and his confidence in the Holy Spirit in his reopening  St. Thomas and nurturing of the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass.  Why mention all this?  Because continuing to emphasize DoR in the title of our site is no longer needed, nor would it be fair and just to imply continuity with the prior problems.

2. The threats  today and in the future, will likely be less from errant local leadership (especially under a strong and loving bishop) and more from abuses in the wider world, both outside and within the Church.  In other words, attacks on our Faith from civil government, and the uncertainties and confusion emanating from leadership such as deviant synodal participants, will more likely affect many dioceses, of which Rochester is only one. Besides the confusion abounding from the Synod, we see bishops in some dioceses distributing Holy Communion to notorious sinners who advocate same-sex ‘marriage’ and abortion, and we see their lack of courage in standing up for Church Teaching.  It makes us realize that we should also lend our voices to the concerns of the wider Church, for the sake of souls.  Removing DoR from the URL is symbolic of our willingness to speak out on issues which oppress our brothers and sisters in the Faith not only in, but also beyond, our own 12 counties, and to oppose threats to our own religious freedom.  That does not mean we have less interest in local issues, but rather a commitment to also speak out sincerely and articulately in service to Christian principles.  It seems right and appropriate that the experience which contributors to and followers of this site have gained in long term suffering through very difficult and prolonged situations have strengthened us to contribute on such a wider basis, in a world that is greatly wounded and needs more voice from faithful laity.  May we all be so, and willing to do so.

In addition, we reissue the invitation to those interested in posting on relevant topics, either as an occasional contributor or as Cleansing Fire staff.  If you are interested, please email us at

This notice will stay at the top post for the next week, to try to reach as many of our readers as possible.


4 Responses to “Update re Cleansing Fire”

  1. avatar Gretchen says:

    Diane, I no longer live in the DOR, but do keep in touch with those in the Southern Tier where I lived. I am grateful for Bishop Matano and his leadership, but would like to just mention that sometimes those parishes in the outer reaches seem to spin in their own little universe. Please continue to pray for Catholics “down south” in the DOR. I rejoice with you about STA. It gives hope to those who are continuing the struggle to save churches and a Catholic identity in their parishes.

  2. avatar gaudium says:

    I live in a remote parish and our pastor has followed the bishop’s sacramental policies to the letter. I will pray for those parishes that are resisting the Bishop’s authority.

    The fact that we will be having a Women’s Conference and a Men’s Conference this year is a wonderful sign of renewal. Bishop Matano was contacted while he was still in Vermont and was asked if a Women’s Conference could be held and he immediately approved. The Bishop says Mass in the morning of the conference and is available all day for Confession.

  3. avatar raymondfrice says:

    Gaudium (et Spes 🙂 )”Men’s Conference”// or Anyone!!

    Please tell us more about the Men’s Conference!!!

  4. avatar gaudium says:

    Check out the website

    Here’s a piece from the site.

    “Please join us for the 1st annual Rochester Catholic Men’s Conference. This conference will feature:

    Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Celebrated by the Most Reverend Bishop Salvatore Matano
    A great lineup of Catholic speakers featuring Tim Staples from Catholic Answers, Hector Molina “The Motivangelist”, and Danny Abramowicz from EWTN’s ‘Crossing the Goal’
    Various vendors will be there selling great Catholic materials
    Continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided”

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