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Open House at St. John Bosco Schools / Chesterton Academy – Thurs, 1/29 @7PM

January 25th, 2015, Promulgated by b a


Dear Families and Friends of SJBSCAR,

Open House will be held Thursday, January 29
Program begins at 7 PM in the gym

All current families and interested families are welcome!

View the flyer by clicking here.

I recently read the newsletter of my local public school in which the superintendent denounced the government mandated direction of public eduction with more testing, more teaching to tests, more regulations, and more government intrusion into the schools. He didn’t say it, but I induce that all of this “more” means less time for goodness, beauty, and truth. We are very fortunate to have an alternative here in the Rochester area with SJBS-CA. Obviously homeschooling is another good alternative for many families, but I believe having a school is the ideal. How many people know about this treasure? Help spread the news.



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  1. Sid says:

    One thing I think a lot of people miss is just HOW different SJBS’s curriculum and approach to learning is that from typical Catholic Schools.

    There’s a link to a PDF of their curriculum at the bottom of this page. They are combining Classical Education (and that term has very specific meaning) with *solid* non-watered (find that today!) Catholic teaching.

    Kudos to the staff and parents at SJBS. I wish the best for their new High School (Chesterton Academy) as well. I pray that the Bishop will take notice of the fine work they are doing in East Rochester and adopt a plan to reform (at least some of) the Diocesan schools in a similar manner. Something (or someone) needs to change there.

  2. raymondfrice says:

    Why did these people not put an ad in Catholic Currier , advertising their schools??

  3. Sid says:

    Hmmm… I was thinking they do, at least occasionally. I know they advertise weekly in my parish’s bulletin and there are also announcements made for special events such as this.

  4. Sid says:


    They have been covered in The Catholic Courier before. Here’s a link to a pretty good 2013 article on Catholic Classical education in general and them specifically.

    A couple things are already out of date, though. The article says the school goes through 8th grade and there are 80 pupils in total. Presently they are up to 115 students and have just expanded into high school (just 9th grade presently I think).

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