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Mary, Mother of God, Mosaic in the Chancel of St. Mary Major

January 1st, 2015, Promulgated by benanderson

In today’s section of Dom Guéranger’s “The Liturgical Year” discussing the feast of Mary, Mother of God, he mentions:

The holy Pope Xystus 3rd ordered an immense Mosaic to be worked into the Chancel-Arch of the Church of St. Mary Major, in Rome, as a monument to the holy Mother of God.

I was hoping to find a picture, but the Vatican has done even better than that in creating one of those panoramas where you can look around the church. Here is a link to it (it worked on my Chrome browser, but not my Firefox browser). Here is a screenshot of it:

If you’re interested in Guéranger’s Liturgical Year, you can download it for free as pdfs. I got my originals from here. The best way I’ve found to read it on a somewhat regular basis is by using the Kindle App on a phone or tablet (Kindle e-ink readers don’t do a good job with pdfs). To better manage them in the Kindle app, I edited some of the metadata and have it shared in a public google drive folder here. Here are some screenshots from my iOS device showing 2 of the volumes in my bookshelf, how easy it is to quickly flip through hundreds of pages, and that it’s actually readable on a phone.





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