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The ‘already’ entering our ‘not yet.’

December 4th, 2014, Promulgated by Bernie

From the New Liturgical Movement December 1, 2014

The Book of Revelation: Guide to Catholic Worship by PETER KWASNIEWSKI

Liturgy is anticipated Parousia, the ‘already’ entering our ‘not yet.’

…the book of Revelation offered help to the nascent church in discerning what elements of Old Covenant worship to retain within the new worship of the New Covenant, inasmuch as the new both concludes and includes the old. In short: the Church can, and should, have buildings, ministers, candlesticks, chalices, incense, vestments, because her worship, being ordered to and derived from Jesus Christ, is the perfection of all that the old worship pointed to with these typological symbols, as yet to be fulfilled. They do not cease to be the symbols we need in order to perceive and enter into communion with Christ; they acquire a new purpose as symbols that point to a reality accomplished, a salvation won on the Cross, a glory shared with the faithful who may now enter heaven.

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