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Something Important Happens Here!

November 28th, 2014, Promulgated by Bernie

Do you remember when Catholic churches used to scream “SOMETHING IMPORTANT HAPPENS HERE!”? Do you remember travelling and stopping into a the local Catholic church to see what it looked like and expecting to be wowed or satisfied?

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3 Responses to “Something Important Happens Here!”

  1. y2kscotty says:

    A long time ago, when Father (later Monsignor, and then later, Bishop) Lawrence Casey was pastor at Holy Cross in Charlotte, he decided that the old hand-carved altarpiece should be replaced. So, it was ripped out and a replacement was installed (different from what you see today) – back in the day when there was still the Latin Tridentine Mass, by the way. So one can’t blame it on some sort of “aberration” of the Council of Vatican II. But that old altar fit the place so well. I wish it could be reconstructed – it would make a better – much better! – surrounding for Mass and “awe”. If anyone has a photo of that old altar at Holy Cross, could it be posted here? I’d like to see it rebuilt- in what is now a very beautiful church building with remarkable stained glass windows! Would Holy Cross want it? Would it be possivble to get some craftsmen to donate time – and maybe some payment, too, of course – to do that?

  2. Ben Anderson says:

    visited for the first time this past Saturday. That place screams that something important happens there. What an amazing place/story/man.

  3. Sid says:

    It IS beautiful, Ben. That is a church that begs for an EF Mass. Is one regularly offered? I saw mention of both “folk” (ahem) and “choir” Masses in their bulletin. It seems a natural setting for the Tridentine Mass, no?

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