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Light Another Candle — October 2014 — Persecuted Christians this Winter

October 20th, 2014, Promulgated by Hopefull

ScreenShot174Winter is an especially difficult time to be homeless.  Too often people think desert-based countries are warm, but they can be very cold.  The Christians in Iraq and Syria had to flee with literally the clothes on their backs, and almost all the charity is coming from the Church and a few very stretched funds.  The families need shelter, food and respite.  That ought to be a chief priority of “family issues,” but it hasn’t been to nearly the extent that is needed.  Winter is coming on quickly.

It is relatively easy to sit in the US watching video coverage, but hard to imagine how we can help, how funds can be directed to the right place, and through the right hands. Sometimes it also snags the conscience to give for purposes and expenditures which seem to be for relative comfort locally, as opposed to real need abroad. Sometimes it is a moral dilemma: “Is it right to support _______ (fill in the blank) _______ when there is life and death need in ______(fill in this blank too).”

Many of Cleansing Fire’s readers have built trust in Church Militant as hard truth is heard and confirmed.  As a result, when Michael Voris offers a link to donate funds to these Churches in need, it is hard not to pay attention. Here is the link; see what you think:




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  1. Diane Harris says:


    Winter Is Coming. Will You Help? (from today’s Voice of the Martyrs:)

    It gets very cold in northern Iraq, and winter is coming. Christian refugees from Mosul need our help now. When IS (Islamic State) advanced into Iraq this summer, 100,000 Christians were displaced. Many fled to the Kurdish region and camped in unfinished or abandoned buildings, schools and empty fields. Now that winter is coming, these Christian refugees need our help to stay warm for the next few months.

    The Voice of the Martyrs is already at work providing warm clothing, heaters and better shelters for our brothers and sisters in need. Since this past summer, VOM has been supporting Christians in Iraq with food, generators for churches, shelter, Bibles, emergency medical care and water purifiers. Now we’re helping them prepare for winter by providing warm clothing, including coats and long underwear, and gas heaters. You can help support our ongoing efforts with a gift to “Help Iraqi Christians.” [See link above]

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