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Cardinal Burke is a hero!!!

October 16th, 2014, Promulgated by b a

Through all of this synod nonsense a true hero is on display. This man has laid down everything for Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the whole world is better off because of him. This is too good to snip any of it:

Rorate Caeli: Full Text of Cardinal Burke’s Major Interview to Il Foglio on the Synod

Young men of Rochester, we need more men like Cardinal Burke to answer God’s call. Is God calling you to be a hero as a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek?


40 Responses to “Cardinal Burke is a hero!!!”

  1. RochChaCha says:

    Cardinal Burke speaks the truth in such a charitable way. I love that he is so faithful to Christ. One thing he says that caught my attention, which is something i have been thinking about the past few days is that i thought this was supposed to be a synod on the family. It seems like it was called something but that the predetermined purpose was not about supporting the Catholic family, but coming out in a way to say that sin is really no big deal anymore. Whatever makes you happy kind of mentality and as long as you come back to the full truth of the Church in a ‘gradual’ way, all is ok. Besides, who am i to judge? right? God Bless Cardinal Burke. I urge all the faithful to pray the rosary daily and to include the synod fathers in your intentions, that they will be guided by the Holy Spirit and not by politics and the ‘beat of the world’.

  2. militia says:

    Thanks for doing this post. It tells us so much, and is an inspiration to have courage ourselves. Pope Francis talks a lot about mercy — we’ll know if he really means it by the way he treats Cardinal Burke!

  3. annonymouse says:

    God bless Cardinal Burke, and may God continue to give him grace and strength.

    Sadly, I fear that his message might find a more receptive hearing if it were coming from someone who’s not in Francis’ doghouse.

  4. Hopefull says:

    Be sure to hear Michael Voris today on the dilemma Pope Francis faces because of the two very different sides of the issues.

    Then, if you view the news section (before it is replaced by tomorrow’s news), you will also find Cardinal Kasper’s being “trapped and exposed” in a lie.

  5. militia says:

    wow–it sounds like some of the bishops at least have found their voice. Banging on the table? Shouting? Hello!

  6. Richard Thomas says:

    Cardinal Burke is a modern day St. Athanasius

  7. Richard Thomas says:

    Cardinal Kasper and his accomplices are acting just like the Arians did over 1600 years ago. They act with deceit, malice and try to bully their way through by removing anyone that gets in their way.

  8. JLo says:

    “Francis’ doghouse” annonymouse? What put him there? Orthodoxy?

    And to think that leaders in countries where the Church is completely in decline believe THEY have the answers to rouse and build the Church! They’ve already failed in their mission!

    This whole synod is a mockery. Praise God for Cardinal Burke. May his courage in speaking truth spread and encourage the faithful bishops who are also suffering through this mess.

    Wasn’t it at Akita… “bishops against bishops…” And wasn’t it our beloved Pope Benedict himself who said the Church would get smaller? Incredible times; massive uptick in all our prayer lives is needed. God bless all of you out there in the CF world of belief!


  9. raymondfrice says:


    Please use the Pope’s full title in your comment and not just his name out of respect for him. Your use of his name in your comment seems rather overly familiar and somewhat condescending.

  10. militia says:

    I don’t think that Annonymouse meant any harm by using the humorous term “Francis’ doghouse,” and “Pope Francis doghouse” doesn’t make a big difference, does it? Maybe “Vatican Doghouse” or “Curial doghouse?” What bothers me more is recent media use of the prior last names of Popes. In the last week, coming out of Synod reporting, I’ve seen “Pope Ratzinger,” and “Pope Montini,” and more. But not about Pope John Paul II. I suspect that is less because of respect, and more because they don’t have that funny little “L” with the slash through it in their fonts.

  11. Richard Thomas says:

    And now, the latest.

    According to Church Militant TV, Cardinal Burke says the Pope is responsible for the confusion and that the synod pecularities took place with his approval.

  12. JLo says:

    The MSM (which in my mind includes those so-called Catholic outlets that just USE the label and don’t honor it) will always get us wrong, so I personally don’t get upset anymore about what they report and what they neglect reporting, militia… they have an agenda, so they twist their stories, and their intent is not anything we’d recognize as truth.

    No matter what the MSM is NOT telling us, though, the enemy has been set back on its heels for now by Cardinal Burke and other faithful prelates and laymen who also have ways to get the news to us. Because of the evil going on and the MSM never honestly doing its job, the low information Catholic will get it wrong: it’s up to us to keep it right side up… gently, tenderly, lovingly toward those who have already been misled. Let’s place our focus on them, not on our enemies… keep our enemies in view, but give them little of our time even as we pray for them, too.

    Last thought… isn’t it just amazing that to end this awful week there in Rome, the pope who warned us about the smoke of satan having infiltrated the Church itself will be beatified. Wonder what Cardinal Kasper and his brethren think about that! +JMJ

  13. lucia says:

    Fr. Bill Spilly may have celebrated a tad prematurely:

  14. raymondfrice says:

    kindly check anonymouse’s comment in a different subject area: Open Letter to the Synod”.

    “”I hate to say this, but I’m beginning to wonder if the real problem here is named Francis.””

    As I said…………..!

    My real concern is that it is attitudes like this that tend to erode the Chair of Peter which is guided by the Holy Spirit.

  15. Ben Anderson says:

    Fr Spilly:

    Perhaps the vision of Pope Francis is slowly becoming the vision of the church and of Christ.

    “and of Christ”. What does he mean? Did he mix up the sentence structure or am I just misunderstanding this? He seems to be implying that Christ is a follower of Pope Francis (and that Christ’s vision is changing)?

  16. Richard Thomas says:

    I have to tell you my thoughts. There is a worst case scenario for this mess. Pope Frencis persists in his actions to change and water down Catholic morality on sexuality. He continues to ais and support the likes of the Cardinal Kasper crowd.

    The church fathers will then vote to remove him and elect another. Then, the fight begins. Pope Francis will not resign and will claim the election of another pope is fradulent. Then, there will be 2 popes, just like the 14th century @ Avignon.. Confusion will reign supreme and the sheep will be thoroughly confused. Perhaps this is the way our church will be smaller, as Pope Benedict has stated.

  17. annonymouse says:

    JLo – it appears to be orthodoxy that has placed Cardinal Burke in the proverbial “doghouse.” I didn’t say that I think he deserves to be there. Hopefully the fact that most of the other synod fathers have expressed disagreement with the interim document will weigh on Pope Francis in ways that the lone voice of +Burke probably wouldn’t.

    Raymond – I meant no disrespect or condescension by my use of “Francis” – for years I’ve heard “Benedict” or “John Paul” referred to sans title and have never taken offense nor read disrespect into such usage. And yes, we believe that the Pope is guided by the Holy Spirit, but (unless he speaks in communion with the college of bishops or declares his words to be infallible) he is not free from the possibility of error.

    In this case, it is my fervent prayer that Pope Francis listens to a loud and clear “sensus fidei” from the vast majority of the synod fathers and the rest of the magisterium and flock around the world. It should not escape his notice the loudest proponent of a change in direction at the synod has been caught red-handed in a blatant lie.

    Finally, before “Father” Spilly of the renegade Call for Action group celebrates too gleefully, he should be careful to note that he’s sworn obedience and respect not to the Chair of Peter but to the Rochester bishop and his successors.

  18. JLo says:

    Just to be clear for everyone, annonymouse… I was agreeing with you in my comment regarding your dog house comment, employing irony, and obviously doing it badly, LOL! We are on the exact same page. +JMJ

  19. Ben Anderson says:

    Since he’s become Pope, I’ve always wondered who exactly he was referring to with words like this:

    And since it is a journey of human beings, with the consolations there were also moments of desolation, of tensions and temptations, of which a few possibilities could be mentioned:

    – One, a temptation to hostile inflexibility, that is, wanting to close oneself within the written word, (the letter) and not allowing oneself to be surprised by God, by the God of surprises, (the spirit); within the law, within the certitude of what we know and not of what we still need to learn and to achieve. From the time of Christ, it is the temptation of the zealous, of the scrupulous, of the solicitous and of the so-called – today – “traditionalists” and also of the intellectuals.

    Still pretty open ended and ambiguous, but in the context of the synod it’s hard to imagine he’s not referring to people like +Burke (and me). Of course, I think the charge is unfounded.

    It seems that refusing communion to those living an ongoing gravely sinful lifestyle (ala St. Paul) is considered “hostile inflexibility”.

    Dear brothers and sisters, now we still have one year to mature, with true spiritual discernment, the proposed ideas and to find concrete solutions to so many difficulties and innumerable challenges that families must confront; to give answers to the many discouragements that surround and suffocate families.

    My discouragement is that some leaders in the Church seem to think the teachings of the Church aren’t good enough. That our forefathers in the Church have somehow failed us by not being more “open” and “mature”. St. John Paul II, pray for us!

    We’ve got a rocky road ahead, but let us not despair. Praise God that we have men like +Burke, +Mueller, Ed Pentin, and others. They are the real heros.

  20. Diane Harris says:

    Michael Voris just announced the “transparency” in the ending of the Synod today, the vital voting by paragraph (the 3 very problematic weren’t accepted), and for the specific mention of the Doctrine of the Faith. Translation of the Pope’s statement is forthcoming. See report here:

    Thank You, Holy Spirit, for hearing the prayers of Your laity at this special time in the Church’s History; thank You for inspiring so many of Your faithful to pray, and to take action especially in the Catholic media, and for thank You for using this Synod to begin the New Evangelization with A NEW EVANGELIZATION of Your own hierarchy. Praise God!

  21. annonymouse says:

    There’s a certain distinct hubris in those words of the Holy Father, that after 2000 years it is more important that God surprise us (presumably with changed doctrine) than the Church adhere to and proclaim objective, unchanging truth, which he scorns as “the letter.” I fear our new Holy Father is infected with the disease of rationalism, and intends to spread this far and wide.

  22. Ben Anderson says:

    mouse, in the Pope’s defense he does defend Tradition rather strongly. If you haven’t read the whole thing, you should. With no context, the speech is great. In the context of the synod which finally answers questions liks “who exactly is he condemning and what exactly does he mean?”, I am somewhat somber. Prior to the synod, his appointments and demotions were also a clue, but not with the some level of affirmation that the observations of the last 2 weeks have given us.

  23. annonymouse says:

    Ben, you’re right, I read your quotes out of context, out of the context of the Holy Father’s entire speech, as well as out of the context of the rest of your post.

    I have now read the entire speech and the pope says many beautiful and reassuring things about his and the bishops’ responsibility to safeguard the deposit of faith. Still, I find many of his actions (demotion of +Burke among them) quite troubling.

    If this two-week exercise was really about the “discernment of spirits” as he says in his speech, I hope the unholy (indeed evil) spirit of Cardinal Kasper, exhibited in his remarks about the African prelates and subsequent lie about those remarks, did not escape his notice.

  24. emmagrays says:

    Unfortunately, according to an article in this morning’s D&C, Cardinal Burke has been reassigned to a “lower profile” position.
    So much for listening to all points of view.

  25. Diane Harris says:

    And now we have an example, from Pope Francis directly, on how he shows mercy. Hmmmm….

  26. JLo says:

    Drudge runs a piece today from USA Today that says:

    “Pope Francis on Sunday beatified Pope Paul VI, calling on the church to adapt to the ‘changing conditions of society,’ a day after bishops rejected a landmark change in its rigid stance on homosexuality and divorce.
    “‘God is not afraid of new things’,” Francis pointedly said during the beatification Mass, which came after the two-week conference, or synod, of bishops ended.”

    These are the words of a progressive writing in the margins, not a valiant warrior against the decadence of the world, which he is called to be! So sad. Even as we give him more and more opportunities to EXPLAIN his views, I think he keeps making clear that he wants to change the Church in the direction of those represented by the voices of the Cardinal Kaspers and Wuerls of the Catholic world.

    We need our Church leaders and must know who they are, must find our leaders of Truth! We do that by holding the feet of all our bishops and cardinals to fire, asking pointed questions and not allowing for the dancing around the questions that they are really good at. I want to know exactly the intentions of Cardinal Dolan, for instance, and I pray media will ask and ask and push for a clear answer… does he align with the Cardinal Burke detractors or with those faithful to the Church’s NEVER-changing standards as expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church? So my pointed prayers also are for warrior journalists to get to the facts for us.


  27. brother of penance says:

    Surprised by God, the God of surprises?

    Absolutely, yes.

    I never would have imagined one year ago that the most reasonable voice (for me) reporting and commenting on the two week Synod in Rome would be Michael Voris! Thank you, brother, Michael for keeping me informed of the facts and for helping me focus on The Lord Jesus Christ and God’s promises to His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    Yes, God has surprised me with the good work of ChurchMilitant.TV News from Rome.

  28. Rich Leonardi says:

    Of course, I think the charge is unfounded.

    It isn’t just unfounded. It’s petty, mean-spirited, and entirely out of place in a papal document.

  29. Ben Anderson says:

    Hi Rich! Was wondering if we’d get you to chime in here 🙂

  30. JLo says:

    Always like to “hear” your voice, Rich! +JMJ

  31. Diane Harris says:

    I had no idea that Salt and Light TV Network (Canadian) holds such anti-Catholic views of our doctrine and teaching. In LifeSiteNews post tonight it shows an almost vindictive attitude toward Cardinal Burke.

    One has to peel away the meaning here. Fr. Rosica, its CEO, managed or had a significant role in many of the English speaking releases from the Synod, including the disaster opening summary after week #1. The pushback from hero Cardinal Burke, and then so many others finding their spines, doubtless made Fr. R look diminished in the Pope’s eyes. It was a failure, a big failure, to pull off what was expected!

    Cardinal Burke is the one who upset the apple cart, and now it looks like Fr. R is out to skewer the Cardinal. The Cardinal is still a hero to me, but Fr. Rosica (a St. Ambrose ROC boy, apparently strongly influenced by Bp. Clark?) has gone WAY down in my estimation, and I’d be careful of anything that the Canadian station puts out. Their obvious pro-gay words give some indication perhaps of why Canada is in such bad shape in this area — Salt and Light’s refusal to stand up for our doctrines? A refusal to be neither salt nor light?

  32. annonymouse says:

    Father Rosica, CSB should relieve this woman at once, although it is my fear that he agrees with her “take,” “Cardinal Burke and his ILK,” she said. Just who does she think she is?

    I will say that this appears to have been taped prior to the issuance of the concluding document, so I guess the “black and white,” “you’re wrong so you’re out” crowd (her words) won the day. Such a crass generalization – “black and white, you’re wrong so you’re out” – devoid of any charity on her part, couldn’t be further from the truth. She was just venturing a guess as to what would become of the Burke faction when progressivism wins the day, and that is when I’d heard enough.

    One thing she said that may be true and is quite frightening – the “realistic, not progressive” Holy Father would prefer that change come from the bishops rather than from his legislation. His comments about the “God of surprises” lead me to think that might be true.

    God help us!

  33. JLo says:

    A long while ago Michael Voris did a piece on how Fr. Rosica did a TV interview of a former priest who is no longer a priest because he was sent packing by Holy Mother Church. I can’t for the life of me remember all the details of what that former priest did, but Michael Voris was aghast that Fr. Rosica gave the man a platform. This occured on Church Militant maybe two years ago, and thus I have never taken anything Fr. Rosica says as from someone I want to listen to. No need to wonder if he was “influenced by Bp. Clark… he’s WAY out there in la la land, which, lastly, was another reason I had that knot in my stomach about Pope Francis… Fr. Rosica has been put front and center right from the beginning.

  34. Ben Anderson says:

    and there’s this: Rahner’s Un-Roman Epoch of the Church

    Fr. Rosica says:

    I really believe, with the coming of Pope Francis, that this is that third epoch that Karl Rahner talked about in “The Three Great Epochs of the Church.” In our recent Salt and Light documentary on Pope Francis, we start off the whole story with Rahner’s now-epic essay in which he speaks about the three great epochs of church history.

  35. brother of penance says:

    I am Surprised again. This time by a sincere display of humility.

    Esteem for Michael is growing in my heart.
    God bless him.

  36. militia says:

    On Oct. 18th I posted a comment objecting to the use of the Pope title with his last name; e.g. Pope Ratzinger. Well, apparently it is OK, because in the unveiling of Pope Benedict XVI’s bust today, Pope Francis called him “Pope Ratzinger.” Just wanted to correct any erroneous impression I left regarding protocol. But I still don’t like it.

    Pope Francis said: “As the veil of the bust fell, which the Academicians wished to have in the headquarters of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, in sign of recognition and gratitude, a joyful emotion arose in my mind. This bust of Benedict XVI recalls to everyone’s eyes the face of our beloved Pope Ratzinger. It also recalls his spirit: that of his teachings, of his examples, of his works, of his devotion to the Church, to his present “monastic” life. This spirit, far from crumbling with the passage of time, will appear from generation to generation, always greater and more powerful.” etc.

  37. brother of penance says:

    Resist institutionalized sin….

    Write Canada…..

    Confront ecclesial leaders who promote intolerable change in doctrine and discipline….

    Do not resort merely to prayer without action…..

    If there ever was a time to use words it is now….

    While we will need seriously to consider implementing Michael’s exhortations in our parish settings, I already know experientially the demands of faithful witness in other forums….even friends, family and co-workers can become susceptible to confusing media spin.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  38. Diane Harris says:

    Thanks, Bro of Penance, for summarizing tonight’s Church Militant. I am so glad that Michael Voris called out Fr. Rosica (from DoR, at one point. St. Ambrose?). I heard him give a speech at St. Ambrose waxing eloquent on what an ‘in’ he has with Pope Francis, a few months after the installation.

    Fr. Rosica’s Salt and Light network has behaved highly inappropriately, with the person so involved in the Vatican Press office and spinning translations of the Pope’s words also running the Canadian network, persecuting a faithful Cardinal, and “making” the news himself. THAT in itself tells us a lot about Fr. Rosica, and brings into question ALL the work he has done or will do in both capacities. What is his real agenda? Now I’d like to see someone fluent in Italian re-translate the Pope’s words in several key documents and see how closely they do or do not track the translations. Pope Francis doesn’t speak English; he is a potential victim of bad or skewed translations.

    Fr. Rosica’s questionable antics and questionable Catholicism have played on the public stage before. See the feud with EWTN that Fr. Rosica seems to be on the wrong side of:

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