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Will you give Bp. Matano a Spiritual Bouquet?

August 15th, 2014, Promulgated by Hopefull

A “spiritual bouquet” is a group of prayers gathered for a particular person or intention.   Each prayer is like a flower and the bouquet is mystically offered as a gift to God for that person’s intentions. Those who participate give a certain amount of prayers and devotions for the intention.  Sometimes the prayers are promised in advance, and sometimes gathered into a single bouquet from many people.

Here’s how this one will work.  Today is August 15th, the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. Beginning today and going to September 15th, which is Bishop Matano’s birthday, many of us will be keeping track of our prayer offerings for him.  Masses? Communions? Novenas? Rosaries?Pilgrimages?  So many other possibilities!  There is no one to whom to report your list and no promises in advance that might be broken.  Just what we’ve done.

spiritual bouquetJust get a birthday card for Bishop Matano, and keep adding to it  after each offering is completed (or keep your own list and write the card just before his birthday.)  Then send the card to his office to arrive in time for his birthday on Monday, September 15th. Enclose a note from you or your family, and other gestures of appreciation….whatever your heart calls you to do!   We have been  blessed!

And please tell your friends, church members, neighbors, other parents, co-workers asap so they can begin to do the same thing. Let’s make this a true flower flood!




3 Responses to “Will you give Bp. Matano a Spiritual Bouquet?”

  1. avatar JLo says:

    WONDERFUL. So fondly remember all the spiritual bouquets from my childhood years at SS Peter & Paul School and Nazareth Academy. This is such a terrific idea. Thank you. +JMJ

  2. avatar Choir says:

    JLo – I, too, remember making all those spiritual bouquets at SS Peter and Paul School.

  3. avatar militia says:

    What are the “rules?” What is the difference between “offering up a Mass for a spiritual bouquet” and remembering someone at Mass? Can I offer my Mass for 2 people and make it a spiritual bouquet for both? Do I have to say the intention in advance? I mean if I had forgotten to offer it from the beginning can I do so later? Is there some minimum I need for a “spiritual bouquet?” I don’t understand this very well at all. Anybody? Thanks.

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