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Week 26 in Catholic Media, 2014

June 28th, 2014, Promulgated by Diane Harris

It’s About Time Someone Articulated this Key Point this Well!


The person to do it was Kristina Arriaga, Executive Director of the Becket Fund, commenting on the importance of “Standing” in order to bring lawsuits, especially those intended to persecute  and harass against the First Amendment.

The subject was the atheists trying to remove the Cross from Ground Zero.  Read her letter as an inspiration for saying something so obvious that it wasn’t  actually being said!


























supreme court buildingIn an amazing and righteous decision, the Supreme Court of the U. S. struck down 9-0 the 35 foot bubble zone protecting abortion-bound women (Massachusetts) from hearing the Truth.  “I object to you calling these people protesters,” Justice Scalia said earlier this year. “It’s a counseling case, not a protest case.”


In a meeting of Latin American countries in Paraguay recently, 13 of 34  rejected recommendations to approve same-sex unions during the Organization of American States General Assembly.

And in some bad news, U.S. Citizens will be paying for sex-change operations for Federal Employees. LifesiteNews reported comments by well-known physicians in a world that seems to have forgotten the first rule of medical practice:  “Do no harm.”

—-“Some prominent psychiatrists have openly condemned “sex-change” surgeries, including the former psychiatrist-in-chief of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Paul McHugh, who has criticized supporters of sex-change surgery as “collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure, and ultimately prevent it.”

—-“Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatric expert and analyst for Fox News, told LifeSiteNews earlier this year that he believes the medical profession may come to regret the quickness with which they embraced these radical procedures in their attempt to address the problem of gender confusion….We don’t know as psychiatrists precisely where any fixed and false belief comes from,” Ablow said. “And if it turns out that people who think they are locked in the wrong gender body could have been approached with something other than a scalpel, then we’ll be responsible as a field for not having been more diligent in seeking those answers as to where this comes from.”


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