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Chesterton Academy at St. John Bosco Schools will open its doors to its first freshman class in September of 2014!

June 26th, 2014, Promulgated by benanderson

Great news from St. John Bosco Schools:

Dear Parents and Friends of the SJBS Family,

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that Chesterton Academy at St. John Bosco Schools will open its doors to its first freshman class in September of 2014!

We have been blessed by God with a donation large enough to meet the financial needs for opening this year. Please keep the donors and our new classical high school, the students, their parents, and their teachers, in your prayers.

The motto of Chesterton Academy is “Cultura Vitae: Faith. Reason. Culture of Life.” Thanks be to God that these roots of Catholic living shall be planted and nurtured in our midst.

We have seven students enrolled at this time, and we are prepared to accept more. Spread the word about this new opportunity for an education of the whole person built upon the beauty, truth, and goodness of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Colleen Richards


2 Responses to “Chesterton Academy at St. John Bosco Schools will open its doors to its first freshman class in September of 2014!”

  1. Sid says:

    I was thrilled to see tham venture into high school, and I pray that they succeed. I don’t have children attending there myself, but I have been following what is going on at St. John Bosco over several years and am incredibly impressed at the hard work and solid religion + academics they seem to offer.

    Why can’t the diocese-run schools be run like this? Instead, they just want to me-too everything the public schools do. Same watered-down academics, except you get to pay! The “religion” offered at most seem to be worse than none; it’s hardly a reason to send a child there. Finally, something like Common Core pops up wherein the Diocese schools have the opportunity to differentiate their product and they blow it, again following the public schools by adopting that as well! Idiots. I can only conclude that the Diocese hopes to have all their schools fail; if they don’t, people calling the shots need to be fired.

    There seems to be a growing movement towards these independent Catholic schools like St. John Bosco, especially ones offering a Classical Education curriculum. What a shame that dioceses in the US have so fumbled Catholic education. Hopefully, good folks such as these can pick up the ball and offer sound alternatives. Educating children in the Catholic tradition from an early age is the best way to have properly cathechized Catholics, full parishes, ample priests, and a strong Church.

  2. pebbles says:

    Congratulations to St.John Bosco. Glad to hear that authentic Catholicism and classical liberal arts are not totally dead in my old home town. Dale Ahlquist planted the seed in Minnesota, and that seed is slowly spreading around the country. A Chesterton Academy is starting up here in Illinois as well.

    Sid is correct. Many diocesan schools have bought into secular Common Core, thus destroying the uniqueness of Catholic education. This pattern follows many formerly Catholic universities that now refer to themselves as “independent in the Catholic tradition.” This phrase is code for: “We were founded by Catholics, but now that we take state and federal funding, in practice, we are really no different than a state school.”

    Good luck to the new Chesterton Academy. God bless those who took the initiative to give birth to an idea. Also, Read Chesterton!Read Chesterton!Read Chesterton!

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