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Defending Truth and Tradition in the Roman Catholic Church — Please VOTE!

May 23rd, 2014, Promulgated by Hopefull

If you scroll to the bottom of the right hand column on Cleansing Fire, you will find a number of links to “Friends of Orthodoxy.”  What do you think?  Should become one of the links?  Please VOTE!  Here is a very recent story on that site, with already 527 Thumbs-Up.  Aaaahhh! The Shepherd protecting the flock!

Bishop Paprocki Confirms “Womenpriest’s” Excommunication

Be Warned: Catholics Attending “Womenpriests” Services Incur

Automatic Excommunication

Statement from Bishop Thomas John Paprocki

Regarding Attempted Ordination and Invalid “Masses”

“Please be advised that Ms. Mary F. Keldermans of Springfield, Illinois, Woman Priest Excommunicated crophas attempted to be ordained a priest for “Roman Catholic Womenpriests, Inc.” in a ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Springfield on May 5, 2014.  As a result, she has incurred an automatic excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See.

Please note also that a schismatic group called “Holy Family Inclusive Catholic Community” is being formed here in Springfield and is planning to conduct liturgical services at the Congregational Church UCC, West College Avenue, Jacksonville, Illinois.   The Christian faithful are cautioned that this attempted ordination and these purported “Masses” are invalid. Those who knowingly and intentionally participate in these schismatic activities also incur automatic excommunication in accord with canons 751 and 1364, with due regard for canons 1321-1324 of the Code of Canon Law.”

See more at:

Daily Prayer for Priests

O my Jesus, I beg You on behalf of the whole Church … give us holy priests. You yourself maintain them in holiness.

O Divine and Great High Priest, may the power of Your mercy accompany them everywhere and protect them from the devil’s traps and snares, which are continually being set for the souls of priests.

May the power of Your Mercy, O Lord, shatter and bring to naught all that might tarnish the sanctity of priest, for You can do all things. – St. Faustina (Diary, 1052)



2 Responses to “ — Please VOTE!”

  1. Scott W. says:

    The Curt Jester had his Episcopal Spine Alert for years, LarryD invented Bishball, where your chosen bishop scored runs everytime he defended truth and sanity, and on my read-by-four-people blog, I put it in nautical terms: “ooo-roo-gah! Courageous bishop spotted two points off the port bow!” So it was only a matter of time before a blog dedicated to highlighting such was made.

    Naturally I vote yes.

  2. pebbles says:

    Yes! to Bishop Paprocki spoke here in the Rockford Diocese at the Midwest Men’s Catholic Conferences last Novermber. He unabashedly stands for Truth(and he plays hockey, too). He will be the keynote speaker at the American Chesterton Society national conference in August.

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