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Revisiting Some Personal Proposals

March 21st, 2014, Promulgated by Bernie

While researching for a new post I came across a couple of old chancel proposals I had put up on Cleansing Fire. I think they are still pretty good so I thought I’d post ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos again to see if there are any new reactions to them. The “after” photos are edited photos of existing chancels. In each case I was trying to make the chancel “more obviously Catholic”.

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Existing Chancel




(Original Post Here)


(L) BEFORE                                   (R) AFTER

 (Original Post Here)



(L) BEFORE         (M) AFTER        (R) alt AFTER

(Original Post Here)



Top: Church of the Good Shepherd in Henrietta

Middle: Sacred Heart Cathedral

Bottom: Saint Paul’s in Webster (?)

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5 Responses to “Revisiting Some Personal Proposals”

  1. militia says:

    Big thumbs up on your proposed improvement to the Cathedral!
    And if St. Paul’s doesn’t have a centered altar (really?) then by all means start with that, and -oh- what a difference a more prominent crucifix would make!
    The first picture is interesting but a little ‘busy’ I think.

  2. Bernie says:

    Hello militia: Do have a look at the Original Posts especially the first one. 🙂

  3. militia says:

    Thank you, Bernie. I should have revisited your original post before I wrote. It shed much light on your thinking in approaching a proposed redesign for Good Shepherd. I have never been in that chapel, so didn’t have perspective on the “height” issue. And your idea for a design contest is super. Did you ever get any other ideas?

  4. christian says:

    I like your proposals Bernie. I particularly like your proposal to Sacred Heart Cathedral. The only thought I would have, is to take caution not block the suspended crucifix affixed below to a wooden beam. I believe there would be ways to solve that.

    However, as it, common opinion is the large, magnificent organ enclosed in wood with the shiny pipes, front and center in the sanctuary, overtakes the wooden beam and the large, beautiful depiction of Jesus nailed to the cross. Before I saw the new organ, I was told by a family member that The Crucifix is lost within the huge, elaborate structure of the Halloran-All Saints Organ. He said when the organ was ordered, the parish was given the choice of pipes with a more matted finish or pipes with a shiny finish. The parish chose pipes with a shiny finish. He stated in his opinion, the organ would not have the same take-over presence if the pipes were a more matted finish.
    I have to admit, after his hearing his report, I wanted to form my own opinion when visiting Sacred Heart Cathedral for mass. I had difficulty trying to locate the beam that went across the altar area in addition to locating the large crucifix sitting atop that beam. I had to look hard to find it.

    I do not think the parish had the concern of preserving the visualization of the large crucifix affixed to a beam across the altar when they ordered and installed the Halloran-All Saints Organ.

  5. christian says:

    Bernie- I like your idea of inserting a type of canopy over the altar area. An impressive canopy can be seen in the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome,Italy. It can be seen on the Tallis Scholars Palestrina 400 years video, as well as close-up of divine art depictions around the church.

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