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Updated: When software goes awry…

February 20th, 2014, Promulgated by benanderson

We’ve received multiple reports that users have been unable to login to this site and have received a message saying “Access Denied – This site is protected…”  We’re not sure how wide reaching this problem is, but wanted to let you know that this message isn’t targeting you, specifically, if you have received it.  It’s a piece of software that detects spam (and usually works pretty well), but sometimes detects false positives.  It seems something has triggered more false positives than usual.  We are looking into the problem and hope to have it fixed shortly.  In the mean time, please email me if you are having the problem so we can get a sense of how many people this is affecting.  If you are not having the problem, please add a comment to this post.  If you cannot comment at the moment and have something important to say, please make a note of it elsewhere so you can post it when the problem is fixed.

Updated 2/21/2014, 2:35pm: We believe this has been resolved. If you continue to experience issues logging in, please email Ben as mentioned above.


11 Responses to “Updated: When software goes awry…”

  1. avatar Scott W. says:

    It’s working now.

  2. avatar mike_b says:

    My login is working. not that I use it much.

  3. avatar Ron says:

    Ah – finally got in.

  4. avatar Ron says:

    I actually logged in to ask when the new site is going to start.

  5. avatar Mary-Kathleen says:

    Yay! It let me in 🙂

  6. avatar JLo says:

    I was one of the fans denied access… now back in! Thank you.

  7. avatar Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    Able to log in, so I will make a comment,

    Recently I received correspondence from St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry.

    1) No Mention of Bishop Matano.
    2) No endorsement by His Excellency
    3) A plea for financial support
    4) A claim that since 1893 this school has prepared women and men to answer their call
    5) A claim that this school educates from a distinctly Catholic perspective
    6) I do not intend to financially support this school as is

  8. avatar militia says:

    The best thing that could happen to St. Bernie’s is complete closure at the end of this semester, re-opening with a whole new faculty and board of directors, top to bottom, after a decent hiatus. Maybe even under a new name.

  9. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    Amen to Militia and Dominick

  10. avatar Scott W. says:

    So business as usual at St. Bernies? Over here in Buffalo Bp. Malone appointed Fr. Joe Gotto to run Christ the King seminary and he’s pretty doctrinally solid. On the other hand, the bishop is rolling out pastoral administrators and the defense of it on the diocesan web page reads like an ecclesiastical version of Who Moved My Cheese?.

  11. avatar Jim says:

    Ben, my login is working again!

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