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Can We Hear it for the Courage of Bp. Paprocki?

November 15th, 2013, Promulgated by Hopefull

In tonight’s LifeSiteNews, Patrick Craine reports that Springfield, Ill. Bishop Thomas Paprocki will lead prayers of exorcism as the Illinois governor signs the gay “marriage” bill on November 20th. 

Bp. Thomas PaprockiThe entire article can be found here where Bp. Paprocki also mentions the martyr’s death of his secretary at the hands of a homosexual activist.  Bishop Thomas Paprocki says he was inspired by Pope Francis, who had condemned same-sex “marriage” as a “machination of the Father of Lies”   “Pope Francis is saying that same-sex ‘marriage’ comes from the devil and should be condemned as such,” said Bishop Paprocki in a statement Thursday.

In his statement, Bishop Paprocki called out those Catholic politicians who “twisted the words of the pope” and said Catholics who voted for the bill are “morally complicit as co-operators in facilitating this grave sin.”  “It is scandalous that so many Catholic politicians are responsible for enabling the passage of this legislation and even twisting the words of the pope to rationalize their actions despite the clear teaching of the church,” he said. “All politicians now have the moral obligation to work for the repeal of this sinful and objectionable legislation. We must pray for deliverance from this evil which has penetrated our state and our church.”

The bishop also pointed that, because same-sex “marriage” violates God’s plan, anyone who contracts such a union is “culpable of serious sin.”  Last month, after a group of homosexual activists planned a prayer vigil for same-sex “marriage” inside the Cathedral, he issued a strong video statement warning them that they would be guilty of “blasphemy.”

The prayers of exorcism will take place at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield on November 20 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

And What Can Those Sisters Be Thinking?

SSJ MotherHouse, Rochester NY

SSJ MotherHouse, Rochester NY

It is interesting to note that one hour after conclusion of this exorcism service, the Sisters of St. Joseph on French Rd. in Rochester will be hosting a meeting entitled:  “Church: Do I Belong?  The subtitle is “I’m gay…lesbian…transgendered.  Can I really be at home in the Church?”  The sisters invite:  “Join this converstation inviting honest sharing and deep listening.” 

Clearly, this meeting will be of one particular orientation, as the presenters are Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata, parents of a “gay” son, and activists and founders of Fortunate Families, Inc., which has criticized Catholic Teaching and the Pope’s Authority.  The poster outside the chapel at the MotherHouse says that the Lopatas will “stand-in for Bishop Clark. “

WOW!   Our new bishop can’t arrive soon enough! 


14 Responses to “Can We Hear it for the Courage of Bp. Paprocki?”

  1. bob says:

    Great courage not unlike our diocese’s patron saint St John Fisher.
    Our prayers and support of our bishops will be in greater demand than ever
    before. Thanks for the post.

  2. Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    “What Can Those Sisters Be Thinking?”

    It seems the sisters are not thinking
    with the Church (sentire cum ecclesia).

    The Homosexual Agenda has evangelized
    Culture and Church very effectively. And, in
    the name of Jesus (forgive us, Lord) the sisters,
    the Lopatas and the Emeritus (stand in for
    Bishop Clark) believe the pastoral thing to do
    is to listen, affirm and approve (?).

    I have a simple and pertinent suggestion for the sisters.

    Join the Church’s Official Teaching Based On Sacred
    Tradition, listen deeply to and share the words of the
    Papal Nuncio who said in part to the Bishops in Baltimore
    to be pastoral by carrying out the Church’s Mission. And,
    be aware there is an anti-gospel, anti-church and anti-Christ.

    An anecdotal story. Sitting next to a Sister of Saint Joseph
    at a parish volunteer appreciation dinner, I was told by her
    my eldest son’s university (Franciscan U of Stubenville)
    was a radical right wing school.

    My reply? NO….
    The Franciscan University is right in the Heart of Jesus.

    ‘Come Home, Sisters, Lopatas, Bishop Emeritus.
    Come Home To Rome, Right In The Heart of Jesus.’

    Saint Francis, Pray For Us……

  3. Tommy says:

    Ah I always knew that most of the people who visit this blog are the biggest hate filled bigots I have ever witnessed..
    And I see we are slamming Bishop Clark which I am sure won’t end even when he’s gone.
    As for Paprocki, he will no doubt get a promotion out of this, probably the red hat in Chicago, Gold help them.
    So Bravo Sisters, you are the real followers of Christ.
    And don’t worry folks, I won’t be reading or posting again.
    Your vile hatred of God’s children makes me throw up.

  4. Scott W. says:

    I’m going to try my best not to flame Tommy because he is in a sense doing us a favor by illustrating exactly the de facto schism within the Church in which those faithful to Our Lord’s teachings will have to face as more and more nominal Catholics capitulate to the cultural leap into the abyss of homosexual normalization. So to correct the record:

    –Let’s reiterate that the Holy Father called same-sex “marriage” a “machination of the Father of Lies”. There is nothing hateful and bigoted about that.

    –I have a general intention to avoid talking about +Clark, that I hope will be worthy of imitation. I think his legacy speaks for itself to anyone not oblivious. But the only mention of +Clark here was a quote from the dissident sisters poster proposing to “stand-in” for +Clark, so I’m not sure what bashing is being referred to here.

    –Homosexual “sex” is intrinsically evil. Fortunate Families is noted for rejecting this truth, thus they are leading people around by falsehoods. Nothing hateful or bigoted about that.

    –I have no problem believing dissidents are “God’s children”, but even God’s children can go astray. Nothing hateful or bigoted for wanting to bringing them back to Truth.

  5. militia says:

    Thumbs up for Bishop Paprocki. It isn’t just his moral courage to speak unpopular truths, but it is his enduring the confrontation and sinful behavior by people like Tommy, whose comment shows the evil resident in those who promote homosexual behavior. Inevitably tolerance of sin leads downhill to just such a show of hatred. I am grateful for leaders such as Bishop Paprocki who care more about souls than his own popularity. At first I thought the administration on this site should remove Tommy’s post, but now I think it is good to leave such a clear picture of how sin takes over someone’s thoughts, words and actions.

  6. Richard Thomas says:

    If you listen to “Miked Up” this week on Church Militant TV, Professor Rice says that Catholics, by rejecting the principles of Humanae Vitae, rejected God’s rule over bringing new life into the world. He invited humans to participate with Him, but humans, especially those in America, have pushed God out and made themselves the deciders of this sacred priveledge.

    In rejecting God, a vacuum opened up. And it has been filled by the State, (The government) and thus a terrible situation has arisen where the state is hostile to religion, especially Catholicism. Now, with the strong movement to legitimize homosexual behavior, expect persecution. After the persecution, will come a renewal of the Catholic faith in America.

  7. BadWolf says:

    So…who’s going to be at the Mother House on November 20, from 7-8PM?

    With the right people in charge, such a meeting could do a lot of good. If one truly thinks himself gay or trans, fine. The sin lies in the actions, not the person. Homosexual Catholics are called to a celibate life just like unmarried Catholics are called to a celibate life. So yes, they certainly can and do belong to the Church–but like any other Catholic, certain behaviors are sinful and unacceptable and temptations must be avoided.

    As much as I wish it, I sincerely doubt the good Sisters will be encouraging our homosexual, lesbian, and trans brethren to a life of celibacy.

  8. Sassy says:

    FF is one of the most wretched organizations I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. I pray for their demise daily.

  9. Sassy says:

    And FF uses the “primacy of conscience” poop to justify their sinful encouragements. They have ruined more relationships than I care to mention!

  10. Richard Thomas says:

    I am gathering , from a conversation with an older priest, that priests of the current age were taught, believe, and teach, that you can decide whether or not to use artificial birth control. It seems their training was flawed and that millions have been influenced by this heretetical teaching. It seems to stem from the seminaries. If that is the case, then what hope do we have for men with current vocations?

  11. y2kscotty says:

    Richard, some of this could have been due to various episcopal statements after Humanae Vitae, such as the “Winnipeg Statement” by the Canadian Bishops and the reactions at the time by the Germans and Austrians. So, whatever the priests were taught in the “old days” may very well have been informed by the debate engendered by those statements. And, as I recall, there didn’t seem to be strong papal condemnation of the statements at the time. So, was there papal confusion about how strongly to defend Humanae Vitae against these somewhat “liberal” interpretations? Also, do we know what is being taught and advocated in the seminaries nowadays? Can anyone here shed some light on that? I suspect (only a guess) that some seminarians of today will advocate a “softer” tone and others a “harsher, more direct” tone. I don’t know how well congregants will receive a very direct and pointed sermon at Mass on the topic of contraception. I think that a lot of people would rather desire that we should “let that sleeping dog lie.” And a most of the people here on CF would probably welcome such a sermon and encourage it and demand more “cleansing fire.” We’ll see soon enough what our new Ordinary will do in this regard. Wear your seat belts, just in case!(Maybe it would help to know what Bishop Matano has done in Burlington)

  12. militia says:

    Just to confirm, indeed Bishop Paprocki did conduct the exorcism and gave an outstanding homily. See the short video at and at the end a spokeswoman gives a link to the Chicago Diocesan website where the content of the excellent homily can be found at

    One key sentence states: “It is not hateful to say that an immoral action is sinful. On the contrary, the most compassionate thing we can do is help people to turn away from sin. To ignore another person’s wrongful actions is a sign of apathy or indifference, while fraternal correction is motivated by love for that person’s well-being….”

    And another: “This is a key point which the secularists are missing: they think that stressing God’s mercy means that sins are no longer sins. On the contrary, God’s mercy is a great gift of grace precisely because sins are sins and they call for repentance and forgiveness.”

    The final paragraph begins: “In conclusion, I quote from a homily given in the second century: ‘Let me say also that when we are given a warning and corrected for doing something wrong, we should not be so foolish as to take offense and be angry. There are times when we are unconscious of the sins we commit because our hearts are fickle, lacking in faith. Futile desires becloud our minds. We need to pull ourselves up, therefore, because our very salvation is at stake. Those who keep God’s commandments will have reason to rejoice.”

  13. Richard Thomas says:

    Y2 Scotty,

    You are right. I don’t think seminarians get good instruction on sexual ethics. I would live to have members from the Catholic Medical Assosiatiob, the American Life League, Courage and some of our NFP organizations to give a well coordinated, thouough education on sexual ethics. I am afrtaid there are too many leaders in the dioceses and seminaries that would do everything they could to kill that suggestion.

  14. pebbles says:

    I am a native Rochesterian Catholic who has lived in the Rockford Diocese in Illinois for the past 36 years. I recently attended a men’s catholic conference here at which Bishop Paprocki was a speaker. He gave an uplifting talk, and got right to the nitty gritty about our obligation as real men to speak up in defense of life, marriage, and family. He is known here as the “Holy Goalie,” as he plays goalie on a masters hockey team. He has even written a book connecting sport with God and faith. He has fought a very courageous
    battle in Illinois against the oxymoron called Gay Marriage.

    Our Rockford Diocese has a newer bishop(Malloy)who officiated Mass at this same men’s
    conference, and gave a talk challenging us to make defense of life and marriage priorities in our lives as Catholics. In my own local parish, we recently were assigned
    a new pastor who has Eucharistic adoration, Divine Mercy chaplet, after Mass confession,
    Marian prayers, rosaries, and the Prayer to Saint Michael every weekday. His homilies
    reflect his undying devotion to the Eucharist, Mary, and his favorite saint, Therese. He courageously speaks the truth about life and marriage with love everyday. What a breath of fresh air. Despite the evil perpetrated upon us by our government, we can thank God we have faithful bishops and priest here in Illinois. I pray for my hometown Rochester everyday, and hope your new bishop can bring a catharsis and renewal to the DOR

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