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Jann Armantrout Calls for Catholics to Again Gather in Albany June 12th

May 30th, 2013, Promulgated by DanielKane

Jann Armantrout reports that the NYS Catholic Conference is making headway in opposing Cuomo expansion of abortion bills in the NYS Senate and Assembly. As always our opposition is better funded and outnumbers us. The road to stopping (or in NY stalling) abortion is long, hot, dry and tiring. Yet, this is the battle of our era and we need to meet the opposition head on with faith, hope and charity (and a fair amount of reason).

NARAL was at the Capital last week and is planning a rally with those bastions of chastity, the B-List stars of the obnoxious “Sex and the City” . We can not allow these agents of abortion promotion to make this State more abortion-friendly than it already is. As is typical our approach will be dignified, faithful and virtuous.

Kathy Gallagher is requesting a DoR laity presence at the Capital on June 12th for a rally, some lobbying and to make our presence known in the gallery of the NYS Senate. The Archdiocese of New York is sending two buses. In light of our extensive efforts on April 15, Jann is asking for 48 of the Faithful from the DoR.

You should plan to be in Albany at 2:00 PM on June 12th. The location where you will meet up with the NYS Catholic Conference will be announced later and you will be assigned a particular task – lobby a legislator, sit in the gallery, etc.  Everything should be completed by 5 PM that day.

Report back to Jann your interest. She may charter a bus ($25 per person) if enough want to ride it. You can drive your car as well.

I KNOW that countless persons have given much more than me to this cause in every tangible manner – prayers, blood, sweat, tears and of course, cash. I hate to ask – but I must. I hate too to write about abortion, get tweets about abortion, hear about abortion at the U.N., the abortion list is endless. But the fight is yet to be won and we need to finish strong and with apostolic clarity.

Form a group, make a plan to get to the Capital, iron your best shirt and get into the fray! Trade some metaphorical elbows in the hall for the lives of those yet to be born. When the history of this sad chapter is closed, you can tell your grandchildren that you fought for life and offered your witness on the “Albany Front” – facing the toughest, and most hard-core, and best funded proponents of abortion on June 12, 2013 – The Feast of the 108 Polish Martyrs of WWII.

Maybe we can ask for the special intercession of Blessed Marianna Biernack, one of the 108, a Catholic laywoman who offered her life for her unborn grandchild and was executed instead of her pregnant daughter-in-law in April, 1943.

Get thee to Albany!

Contact Jann at and tell her how many of your friends she can count on in this final battle of the legislative year.  May God Bless your work!



One Response to “Jann Armantrout Calls for Catholics to Again Gather in Albany June 12th”

  1. christian says:

    Abortion and Rights of the Unborn as in Stem Cell Harvesting are real wars facing us in current times. I was celebrating a birthday with a close family member on May 15th of this year and couldn’t help thinking of them being able to celebrate while another soul did not get the chance that day. Earlier, before we went out to dinner, while I was in the car by myself, I heard a news report on the car radio heralding that day, May 15th, 2013, as a landmark in the success of stem cell research. Scientists grew a test tube fetus then transplanted stem cells from that fetus on May 15th successfully to various individuals. – Scientists were celebrating that day!
    I kept quiet about the news during the birthday dinner and the following celebration of cake and ice cream for the sake of the birthday, but told that close relative afterwards, and as predictable, considered the landmark as abominable.

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