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Gay Cardinals

May 15th, 2013, Promulgated by Diane Harris
Gay Cardinal O'Brien

Gay Cardinal O’Brien

Michael Voris makes an important presentation today on the Gay Cardinal (O’Brien) in Edinburgh, Scotland, who was banned from the Conclave, and now the Vatican has banned him from even retiring in Scotland.  Further, the Vatican is not filling 5 other openings for Bishops in Scotland until there is assurance that none of the episcopal candidates is actively gay.   Pope Francis is off to such an incredibly wonderful start! 

Now it seems that these problems are likely not limited to Scotland, and that ALL candidates for bishop should be investigated and found free of homosexual affections before being elevated to office.  As will be the case in Scotland, this action it will delay new appointees, but that is a small price to pay to have good, holy prelates faithful to Church teaching. 

If you think this is a good idea for Rochester, if you have information which might be useful in selecting a bishop for the DoR, if you have specific concerns, the place to write is:

Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Prefect

Congregation for Bishops

Palazzo della Congregazioni

Piazza Pio XII, 10

00193 Rome, Italy



13 Responses to “Gay Cardinals”

  1. avatar Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    Unrepentant sexual immorality by both the
    baptized and the ordained provides the
    painful, humbling evidence that
    Christ’s Catholic Church is suffering from
    the crisis of truth and the crisis of fidelity.

    Each of us must depend upon God’s
    Holy Spirit to cultivate the courage to
    be Catholic.

    May Pope Francis implement the deep
    reform in the 21 st century Church that
    is essential to recover from these crises.

    It is all about Jesus. It has always been
    about the Son of God our Savior.

    Faithful priests and bishops are in our midst.
    Patiently we cry out Deo Gratias!!

  2. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    This is some scourage. I am glad the pope is taking personal responsibility for getting things right in Scotland.

    I do worry about the influence of the homosexual culture in the Church. If the appointment of bishops is corrupted, the pope will have to rely on a few good men in each country to attempt to know who’s faithful and who works for the other side.

    I am afraid we will not see this problem successfully dealt with for one or possibly two generationss.

    In the meantime, expect nothing but the same old, same old from the homilies of most Catholic priests.

  3. avatar annonymouse says:

    Back to harping on homilies, RT?

    You know, Pope Francis gives a homily pretty much every day, and the Vatican News Agency website publishes them. I suggest you go there and read them all and then please tell us which of his homilies meets your expectations for a liturgical homily, will you? Thanks.

  4. avatar annonymouse says:

    And please stay on subject. I fail to see the link between Diane’s thoughtful and newsworthy post on the Pope cracking down on homosexual Cardinals and Bishops and liturgical homiletics!

  5. avatar Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    Far be it for any of us to presume to know what anyone
    is thinking or to know why someone “links”
    this or that comment to a particular post.

    Shouldn’t it be a staff person to reprimand
    failures to stay on subject?

    Ok, I will back off. Perhaps beloved annonymouse
    is irritated today.

    However, it seems obvious that courageous,
    faithful clergymen who are not intimidated by
    this so called ‘lavender mafia’ (or who have
    nothing to hide) will preach and teach the whole
    counsel of God.

    Until more than less preachers have the courage
    to be Catholic and cooperate with and promote
    Pope Francis’
    deep reform of the 21st century , Brother Richard
    Thomas is intuitive.

    Expect the same old (and bad) homilies.

    (For any homilists who might be reading:
    With the Scriptures in one hand, the Catechism
    Of The Catholic Church in the other, and love
    of the NAME of JESUS in your heart and on
    your lips, we God’s sheep will behold the person
    and truth of the Shepherd.)

  6. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    Sorry Mouse,

    I wasn’t talking about the pope. It’s 95% of priests who are doing this kind of wishy washy preaching.

    And yes. I talk about this a lot. I am sorry to keep harping on this but wouldn’t you agree that the lack of preaching is what has been responsible for the culture changing its moral views on homosexuality, and everything else?

    Would politicians push gay marriage if there was no grassroots support? Of course they wouldn’t. But with the influence of the homosexual “mafia” in the church, topics like homosexuality will never be preached. Catholics will never learn about the issue in that environment and more and more states will pass gay marriage bills and soon, the supreme court will make gay marriage the law of the land.

    And all because priests did not do their job and STILL will not do their job. And as a substitution, we get pep rallies for new evangelization and no solid doctrine and touchy feelt celebrations called mass.

    And so, until I die, I will NEVER stop talking about the failure of the clergy to preach about that and the other issues I mention. I see what “hath the devil wrought..”. The broken lives, the abuse of women, failure, the moral decline of our nation, the Kermit Goznells, the continuing abuse in schools and almose everywhere else..

    I am sick…Sick unto death. Christ will win in the end but the whirlwind that will come as due to our failings is something I don’t want to dwell on.

    We have been taught that wars were the result of sin.
    The gay 90’s: world war 1. The roaring 20’s, world war 2. Both were terrible events.

    I am not old enough to see what was going on during and before those times but I have to assume the extent of evil was not as pervasive as seen today. Society was closer to God in spite of its failings. So when we see the extent of the evil and the rejection of God on a world wide level, I can only imagine the consequences.

    God is merciful. I only pray that through the prayers and sacrifices of the few faithful Catholics and Christians, that God will spare us and also allow, through His grace for the world to become re-acquainted with God.

    But the short tewrm prognosis of dealing with the homosexual crowd may not be so good. THe homosexual mafia is very powerful and only saintly men and women will be able to deal with it and chush its ugly head.

  7. avatar annonymouse says:

    OK, DAZ and RT, fair enough. Perhaps I haven’t considered deeply enough that what’s happened/happening in Scotland may be much more pervasive than just the British Isles, and you are certainly correct that we never hear homosexuality (or any sexual sin) mentioned from the pulpit.

    And perhaps you are on to something – perhaps real reform in the Church will only come from courageous leadership providing direction for a much better and much more catechetical preaching experience than we the faithful are generally receiving nowadays.

    On the prognosis of “dealing with the homosexual crowd,” as you put it, RT, that is a tough one, as is evidenced by Cardinal Dolan’s recent public statements: how are we to be open and welcoming to all and still call a sin a sin? Is there a way to welcome and love the sinner and still call all of us sinners to repentence and holiness? A lot of Catholic folks, it seems to me, wish to welcome the sinner and embrace the sin when it comes to this particular issue, which doesn’t seem much like the message of Jesus to me.

    RT, I think you give the bishops and priests too much credit – even if they were 100% preaching the same thing (“doing their job,” in your parlance), we still live in an age in which authority is more-or-less automatically rejected by many if not most, and folks will continue to do their own thing (“following their conscience” as posited by some on this blog). Sadly, the devil is taking full advantage of this age, for the ruin of many souls.

  8. avatar Richard Thomas says:


    You are right. And it’s sad. A priest acquaintance in Syracuse told me most priests are believers of moral relativism so that is why there are few if any homilies on these topics and couples are advised to “prayerfully follow their consciences” on birth control.

    I think there is hope. I have previously mentioned all the postulants for the traditional order of nuns in Nashville, Tn

    On the ther hand, I was reading about the “English Reformation”. Very few clergy supported the pope. Most supported King Henry. Although there were attempts to stem the tide, and there was a wonderful rebellion in the early 1830’s organized by guess what, the laity, no surprise here, “The Pilgrimage of Grace”, within 1 or 2 generations, almost all the laity became hostile to Catholocism and became Anglicans.

    I am being winded but at this moment, I see no counter heretical movement in America to combat all the bad bishops, cardinals and priests. A few pockets here and there. But thge silence of the wolves is immense and will have tremendous effect on the laity. We are hemmorhaging Catholics and weekly mass attendence is way down.

    Perhaps, God forbid, an economic or military calamnity might get people back into the churches for the short haul, but if preaching does not change, I see nothing but bad happening to the Catholic Church in America.

    I think, what we have here is the Americanization of the Catholic Church where prelates are more interested in accommodating the culture instead of challenging it. I think this had its roots in the early church in America under Bishop John Carroll.

  9. avatar y2kscotty says:

    Regarding gay cardinals or gay bishops, how can one prevent the naming of a (actively-)gay bishop? One might suspect some priest of being actively gay and I suppose you could inform the bishop. But, since we don’t know who is being considered to be the Bishop of Rochester, how could we alert the Vatican? Remember the two successive bishops of Palm Beach, FL, who were forced to resign over sex abuse? Who vetted those guys? Didn’t anyone know what they had done? Somebody knew and those somebodys had no way to let Rome know. We have banns of marriage (I think), and maybe we need banns of ordination to both priesthood or bishop. So here we sit

  10. avatar Richard Thomas says:


    You are correct. There has been a plethora of appointments of gay bishops.

    It seems that from the time of Cardinal Bernadin, many gay friendly bishops were in charge of dioceses. The appointment process is rigged in their favor. I have heard that imput from bishops and cardinals from America goes into the appointment of bishops in our country.

    Oerhaps that is why Pope Benedice appointed Archbishop Chaput to Shepheard Phildelphia directly and didn’t use the traditional route.

    If you listen to Church militant TV, this homosexual problem is HUGE. With God it can be overcome but I am afraid they are going to cause suffering in many people, cleric and non cleric.

    Maybe Pope Francis has a better way of doing this. I certainly would bipass the traditional method of naming bishops. Too many working for the other team!

  11. avatar ArchangelMichael says:

    First let me say that I am a big fan of the site and I have been following it for the last year or so and I have read everything on it and this is my first post. My diocese [South Carolina] is probably middle of the road as far as Catholic orthodoxy goes but the clergy at my local parish either are liberal or just not well trained in liturgics. As for me I would describe myself as orthodox in my beliefs as a Catholic, in full communion with what the Church actually teaches and believes and unashamed about that, and I am always studying and reading about the Bible, saints, history, the Mass, praying, etc so that I can grow in faith and holiness with Christ. Btw I converted and crossed the Tiber in 2007 ^__^.

    With that out of the way I do find this situation with Cardinal O’Brien to be unfortunate. However I wanted to state that even if he is homosexual without promoting homosexuality or encouraging it, then it should not really matter because clergy, especially bishops, are celibate and do not date. Now if he promotes his homosexuality than he should be censured at the very least if not excommunicated and laicized because he would be a heretic and promoting sin. People who have homosexual tendencies are called to live a chaste life. We should definitely pray for the Pope and our bishops and hopefully Cardinal O’Brien can remain faithful to what the Church teaches and not lead the faithful astray.

  12. avatar militia says:


    Keeping celibacy is only part of the issue. When a heterosexual man embraces celibacy, he is giving up a good, to which he has an inherent right. When a homosexual man embraces celibacy, he is giving up a sin to which he has no right.

    Homosexuality is disordered, and therefore cannot help but affect every aspect of life, including his counseling couples and teaching all truth. (Not saying heterosexual priests do a great job of either), but beginning from an intrinsic disorder is too much to overcome. That is why homosexual men should not be ordained to the priesthood. I believe Pope Benedict explicitly said this soon after he was elected.

  13. avatar ArchangelMichael says:


    I agree with you and I never thought about it in that way before.

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