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BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Bishop Emeritus Matthew Clark

May 4th, 2013, Promulgated by DanielKane

Major kudos to Bishop Matthew Clark and the DoR staff that made this happen. It is a joy to witness, even if only through media one being Christ and bringing Christ to the poor in spirit and the sick in our midst.

Prayers too for the recovery of Officer Day and for Miss Erin Day, who received her First Holy Communion from the hands of Bishop Clark.  May you always walk in the company of Christ and experience complete healing.



8 Responses to “BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Bishop Emeritus Matthew Clark”

  1. y2kscotty says:

    What a wonderful story. Brings tears to the eyes! And kudos to NCRonline for publishing it.

  2. Scott W. says:

    Deo Gratias and well done Bp. Clark.

  3. militia says:

    Nice photo op. But I am sad that we live in a Church-World in which such pastoral care is so exceptional that it is a national media event.

  4. DanielKane says:

    Militia – You are both astute & correct.

  5. ROBERT says:

    DITTO !

  6. Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    The First Holy Communion celebrated
    yesterday 4:00 PM Mass at Saint John
    Evangelist Greece warmed my heart.

    Father Peter faithfully catechized and
    exhorted the 15 boys and girls, their
    families, and the gathered assembly.

    How could I not remember my own
    First Holy Communion at Saint Andrew
    Catholic Church on Portland Avenue?

    The Bishop Emeritus did a good thing.
    Father Peter did a good thing.

    The Lord Jesus Christ has been so gracious!
    May God’s Holy Spirit be pleased to fire up
    our hearts every time we both hear God’s
    Son and eat His Body.

  7. eyeondor says:

    Beautiful story!

  8. christian says:

    It certainly was a beautiful story.
    In regard to Holy Communion _ I heard a priest years ago talk of how people can become so used to receiving communion, that it can become a mundane habit. But he told us that we should approach Communion like it is our First Time and it is our Last Time.

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