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Latin Mass in Corning, April 14th

April 8th, 2013, Promulgated by benanderson

There will be a Sung Latin Mass according to the Extraordinary form celebrated on April 14th at 1pm at St Vincent’s Church in Corning, NY.


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  1. avatar Richard Thomas says:

    I am not sure this is the proper thread but I found out there is a priest convocation in Auburn this week. Usually the convocation is run by the bishop of the diocese. Since we have an “Apostolic Administrator” from Syracuse, is he running the meeting?

  2. avatar Hopefull says:

    Bishop Cunningham is in attendance at the Convocation being held at the Holiday Inn in Auburn. Tonight there was a Mass at St. Mary’s and I believe he presided. I do not know if he is attending every moment of both days or not. Interesting site selection — Auburn.

  3. avatar Choir says:

    Hopefull – I believe it was Auburn’s turn to host the convocation this year. The site of the convocation rotates from year to year,usually between Henrietta, Auburn and Horseheads/Elmira area. All the best!

  4. avatar Hopefull says:

    OK,thanks Choir.

  5. avatar Choir says:

    Hopefull – I believe next year’s convocation will be in Watkins Glen. New hotel to the diocese convocation.

  6. avatar CPT Tom says:

    Howdy all,

    We had about 50 people at the mass this Sunday. We will have another probably in June and in the fall. Thank you for any who attended.

  7. avatar Choir says:

    CPT Tom – I didn’t attend, but wish I could have. Congratulations on having it. Do you have a video or pictures of the Mass? God bless.

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