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Call your NYS legislator to defeat Cuomo’s abortion expansion bill

April 14th, 2013, Promulgated by benanderson

Another forwarded message hit my inbox this weekend on this very important topic.  Here it is:

A bunch of priests met with Assemblyman Gary Finch this week following Convocation. He gave them some inside scoop on Senate Bill 438 (Cuomo’s abortion expansion bill).

It is VERY important that we get this info out. People need to understand how important it is to contact (and schedule meetings with) their representatives. Here are some bullet points that:

  1. This bill can come up at any point in time, so no one knows when it will hit the floor
  2. Many elected officials are afraid to say no to this bill. If they cannot vote “no” encourage them to at least take an “important phone call” during the vote.
  3. It is important that the representatives hear from people in a non-petition style (he said pre-fab petitions usually do little to sway representatives). It is VERY important that women object as well.
  4. It needs to be pointed out that they are packaging this bill with many good things (equal pay for women, for example), but refuse to allow any re-packaging of this bill that does not include S438 (the abortion expansion) to even leave committee. This shows how radical the pro-aborts are, in that they will not allow the issue of equal pay for women to be brought out of committee unless it includes abortion expansion.
  5. Finally, one priest raise a good point. They said that politicians who say “I am personally opposed to abortion, but support this legislation” need to be challenged. The public needs to say to them “Governor, you are an educated man, can you please tell us why you are personally opposed to abortion.” (Imagine the hot seat that would put them on, having to explain why they believe abortion is wrong, thereby undermining the bill they are supporting publicly).

If we loose this battle, it is likely other states will follow, as happened with same-sex marriage.

Attached documents have contact info, as well as a copy of Senate Bill S438.

Assembly Members List RHA.doc


Senator List RHA.doc


3 Responses to “Call your NYS legislator to defeat Cuomo’s abortion expansion bill”

  1. avatar annonymouse says:

    I think you mean “call your State Senators and Assemblymembers.” Congressmen can’t help with this one.

  2. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Thanks, Mouse. I forgot that NYS’s legislature isn’t called a congress. Forgive me, I’m from PA (all I know is guns ‘n religion)

  3. avatar Diane Harris says:

    About 400 people from the Western NY dioceses attended the Albany Vigil on Monday, April 15th. A couple of pictures are uploaded to

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