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Friday Link Roundup

February 24th, 2013, Promulgated by benanderson

Yes, I know it’s not Friday, but if the Pope can break a 600 year old tradition, then I can break a 3 week old tradition. It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted and there’s no way I could possibly sum up what’s happened since then. Nevertheless, here’s a few links for you.

Pope Benedict’s last great master class: Vatican II, as I saw it [full text]
Skip the first few paragraphs and scroll down to “Below a Vatican Radio translation” to read the whole thing. You’ve probably seen parts of this speech quoted elsewhere.  If you’re like me you’re getting sick of reading other people quoting the Pope – I’d rather just read him myself. Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing. Pray that we get a Pope (and a Bishop) that recognizes and is willing to battle the evil within the Church. Our leaders need to stop pretending like it doesn’t exist and realize they aren’t doing us any favors by pretending everything is hunky dory. This speech ends with this (try to read it without getting chills):

I, retired in prayer, will always be with you, and together we will move ahead with the Lord in certainty. The Lord is victorious. Thank you.

This is my “Local liberals react to Pope Benedict’s news” section:
13 wham – Local Theologians React To Papal Resignation
“they need a leader that will give them comfort.” Right, that’s what’s wrong with our society – people aren’t offered enough comforts.
“You have the needs of the traditional Catholics and then you have the needs of the younger Catholics,” Remember that in these peoples’ eyes anyone who simply believes in the bare minimum teachings of the Church is considered ultra-conservative and traditional. In that light, when will these liberals waks up and realize they are living in a fantasy land? Young people don’t want watered down garbage.  They can get that without going to Church.  Young people want the truth (even if they don’t know it and they resist it). They want to be connected with a historical, orthodox Church that actually requires them to live in a certain way. They want to know that God isn’t cool with them sleeping around, binge drinking, and just generally wasting time. The Christian message is so much more positive than the sad and depressing life that our popular culture offers. They’d rather hear that there’s more to life. Give it to them. Teach them the Truth.

Priest Shortage Critical Problem for Rochester and Rome by Janice O’Rourke. Women priests will solve the problems.

Pope’s departure leaves questions as Rochester awaits new Bishop
Kudos to Sean Dobbin for not just quoting liberals in his articles.  In the video preceding the article at Bishop Emeritus Clark’s press conference on the topic he states, “I remember saying… at the time [when BXVI was elected]… he’ll have to change”. Consider this contrast – on Thursday the Holy Father will voluntarily cease being the leader of the Catholic Church and retire to a life of prayer probably completely out of the public eye. Meanwhile, several months ago Bishop Clark’s retirement began against his will when Pope Benedict XVI accepted just 2 months after turning 75 in a nearly unprecendeted fashion. Bishop Clark was removed from office and yet continues to be active and influential. I just find that an interesting contrast.

A few weeks ago we had been hearing rumours that lay homilies may have ceased. It appears that isn’t the case:
2013-02-10 Pastoral Associate, Barbara Hesenius – Reflection

RBJ: Catholic Charities Community Services names director

By the way, the Pope named a good number of bishops last week. I certainly think it’s possible something might happen for us this week. Pray for Rochester, pray for the Pope, and pray for the Cardinals.

What am I missing?  Feel free to add links of your own in the comments.


4 Responses to “Friday Link Roundup”

  1. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    and one more…

    speaking of the Church Bernie posted about last week (Our Lady of Victory), here’s an video/article showing off Rochester’s “world class art”:

    For those who don’t know – 2 of the more disturbing murals are in your face (and your children’s faces) for parishioners of Our Lady of Victory.

  2. avatar Bernie says:

    Re lay “reflections”: bummer!

  3. avatar Jim says:

    Ben, I hope as you do that one of the “good number of bishops” named by the Holy Father last week, is slated to come to Rochester, NY. What a last great gesture that would be by Pope Benedict!

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