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Friday link roundup

February 1st, 2013, Promulgated by benanderson

This is nowhere near all encompassing of what’s happened in the Catholic world this week. It’s just what I was able to snag from the overwhelming amount of data flying through the pipes of the Internet that hasn’t already been mentioned here.

Visiting bishop inspires catechists (Auxiliary Bishop Frank J. Caggiano of the Diocese of Brooklyn)

Archbishop Chaput’s homily from the mass honoring St. Kateri Tekakwitha and St. Marianne Cope, Washington, D.C. How cool is it that 2 women from Western NY were canonized this year? Advocates of women’s ordination… are you listening? Do you care?

Sister Carol Cimino named superintendent of Catholic schools in Buffalo

By my count the Pope appointed 7 new bishops this week (here, here, and here)

Excerpts from Mere Christianity
I think I mentioned this before… I recently re-read Mere Christianity because I had given a copy to a very good friend of mine who had pretty much written off Christianity. He was of a mindset we’re all familiar with – Christianity is mean to gays, science is all we can know, tolerance and acceptance is what’s really important, it’s not possible to determine truth, etc, etc. You’d think by now I wouldn’t be shocked by the workings of the Holy Spirit, but I have to tell you I was shocked to witness my friend’s world view being turned upside down. Upon reading this book, he’s been commenting to me things like, “this book makes a lot of sense”, “how come more people don’t know about it?”, “this country needs to turn to Christianity or we’re in trouble”, “I’ve been going back to mass.” Now I completely credit the Holy Spirit, but there is no doubt this book is powerful. I had read it as a teenager and had no idea how much of it stuck with me throughout my formative years. I credit Lewis for bringing me back to Christianity during a time in my life when I was mostly lost. I didn’t even realize how much this book had stuck with me until 17 years later upon re-reading it. This is a very powerful book and I especially recommend getting it into the hands young people. No, it isn’t Catholic, but it is very Catholic friendly. The first time I read it, I was not a Catholic. This time I was and I was amazed at just how Catholic friendly it is. It’s obviously not perfect, but he even talks about purgatory. What Lewis really drives home is the ideas of objective truth and morality. These are the concepts that our society has the biggest problem with. If you’re looking to share the Catholic faith with someone, you can’t stop with this book, but it is certainly a good starting point. I believe that once someone embraces the concept of objective truth and is open to finding it wherever it might be, that ultimately the Holy Spirit will lead them home to the Catholic Church. I recently went through and captured some of my favorite excerpts in this document linked above.



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2 Responses to “Friday link roundup”

  1. avatar Scott W. says:

    Sister Carol Cimino named superintendent of Catholic schools in Buffalo

    I did a little googling on her. It didn’t turn up anything disconcerting, so it looks like a good choice.

  2. avatar Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    It is encouraging to know that Bishop Caggiano
    inspired catechists to deepen their own relationships
    with the Lord Jesus, the Son of God our Savior.

    It is most encouraging to learn that the visiting
    Bishop spoke about inviting parishioners ( young
    and old I trust) to encounter Truth/the person Christ.

    Evangelizing necessarily includes announcing
    this call to encounter, experience and convert.

    Hopefully, our catechists will boldly explain that
    ongoing and deepening relationship with the
    Savior Jesus Christ includes ongoing/ deepening
    conversion, repentance and transformed/sanctified
    life and living.

    How well equipped is Christ’s Catholic Church
    to provide all of the necessary truth and means
    of grace for both catechists and the catechized!!

    As Catholics we can measure our ongoing/deepening
    conversion by both our desire to obey the Lord
    and our joyful obedience.

    Again Christ’s Catholic Church is well equipped
    to articulate the Master’s commands. He gave his
    Church the Magisterium!

    May the diocese’s catechists convey all of this
    and much more Good News to God’s Catholic
    and Holy People.

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