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Composition of the Electorate

February 14th, 2013, Promulgated by Dr. K

A nice graphic from USA today detailing home continents of the 118 cardinal electors who may participate in the upcoming conclave:


Of the 62 European voting-age cardinals, 28 are Italian.

The 17 North American cardinals include: Cardinals Sandoval Íñiguez (Mexico), Rigali, Mahony, Levada, Turcotte (Canada), George, O’Brien, Wuerl, Rivera Carrera (Mexico), Ouellet (Canada), O’Malley, Collins (Canada), Burke, Robles Ortega (Mexico), DiNardo, Harvey, and Dolan.

A full list of voting cardinals is available here:



One Response to “Composition of the Electorate”

  1. avatar militia says:

    The e-Courier references (from Catholic News Service) a tweet by Cardinal Malony:

    “Cardinal Roger M. Mahony (@CardinalMahony), retired archbishop of Los Angeles, just started tweeting in January. He had more than 260 followers by Feb. 15.

    When the pope resigned, he tweeted: “Am planning to be in Rome and vote for the next pope. Will be tweeting daily.”

    What does he think “confidential” means? Of course, on an earthly level, I guess he has “nothing to lose.”

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